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Thank you Sara! (my niece) for bringing the BIGGBY Holiday spirit home!

Wearing BIGGBY underwear -- Summerville, SC

Sometimes I like to say "that our folks are so loyal that they wear BIGGBY underwear" .... 'course in this case a car will do too! Yahooo!

Happy Holiday from our Home to yours :)

It's nice to have a name with a face :)

@T_C_B -- Go BIGGBY! -- Tom, VP of Operations interviewed on the radio :)

Nice Job TOM!

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Another 'BIGGBY WAY' Story -- Bigg-Hearted BIGGBY :)

Written by Sandra Click here to go to the origianl post

They didn't have to do it.

I mean, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Well, maybe it was. At the time.

I gripped that steaming hot, tall, black coffee. Sniffed the heady aroma. Barred myself from even a sip. No spilling in the car or down the front of my Sunday outfit. Or scalding myself. Savored the anticipation.

Picked it up on the way home from church. Well, after eating and running a couple errands. Planned to curl up with it and a good book.

Our local Biggby Coffee. I love it there. I love the folks who work there. So cheerful. So helpful. I'm usually on the run. But I could sit in there. Relax. With a book or my 'puter. I'd feel so . . . so . . . writerly.

I think I could even work there. And B-Happy.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever met a Biggby I didn't like. But I digress.

Hurry, Dennis, hurry! Go faster! Must go faster!

Getting out of car. Juggling stuff. My purse. The coffee. Something else. I reached to hit the garage door closer thingie.

And the cup. Went. Splat!

Upside down. Top and bottom separated. Rose Dog's toys now suspended in frozen java.

I wailed.

I posted my sorry state on Twitter and Facebook. I just wanted a little sympathy and compassion for my distress.

And BiggbyBob replied. He wasn't even my friend. Then.

"So sorry. What can we do?"

"Do you deliver?" I responded.

And then I got another message. Bigg-hearted Biggby wants to replace my coffee. Not once. But double for my trouble. And it wasn't even their fault!

They didn't have to do it. Some might say it's a great marketing thing. But I choose to believe they care.

A random act of kindness.

A gift I'll pass it on.

What random act of kindness have you done or experienced lately?

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BIGGBY COFFEE - Another Jitters :)

Click on it...for a better view

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Go BIGGBY! -- A young Entrepreneur ...

... working on her first business plan ...a quote from the person who sent it to me

Your future franchisee : ) See her second note from the bottom...before 'then start a restaurant' says Big-B YahoooO!

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Happy Birthday Charlotte BIGGBY!

Thanks BIGGBY Charlotte!

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The BIGGBY way .... as a Christmas Tree :)

Love Downriver....Love Allen Park!

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Biggby Coffee to open in Findlay, OH

Published on 12/06/09 in the Fostoria Focus

Fill ‘er up
Biggby barista Elisabeth Pickard makes a coffee drink during a training session at the store. The café, located at 2560 Tiffin Ave. in Findlay and owned by Fostorian Angie Briggs, will open Tuesday, Dec. 8. -Photo by Alex Boroff
By Alex Boroff
Focus Reporter
FINDLAY — The beans are spilled — Biggby Coffee will soon open in Findlay. The store, owned by Fostorian Angie Briggs, is set to open Dec. 8.
As part of the store’s opening week promotion, Biggby will offer free brewed coffee to customers Dec. 8-13
Briggs said she had explored other coffee franchises to open, but Biggby stood out to her above the other choices.
“I agreed with their business philosophy and the way they put the customers first,” Briggs said.
She said she first discovered the Michigan-based franchise in Toledo, when she met some friends at a Biggby location.
“The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was inviting and the signature drinks were consistently better,” Briggs said in a press release regarding the store. “I expect that coffee lovers in Findlay are going to be pleased.”
Briggs said she also feels Biggby gives good support to its franchise owners, another reason she opted to open a Biggby shop.
The Findlay store will start off with 19 employees, and six additional employees will join the crew after the start of next year.
Briggs said that the most difficult part of working towards the opening of the store was balancing the time needed at the business with time at home. “It’s taken a lot of time marrying family and work,” Briggs said.
The store is located at 2560 Tiffin Ave., in front of the eastside Wal-Mart. Hours are 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday. The location includes free wireless Internet and a drive-thru window. For more information on the Biggby store and a list of menu items, visit

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Go Madison Heights BIGGBY! I love this stuff :)


Popcorna and then BIGGBY! Thanks Cathy :)