Friday, October 31, 2008

Make People Happy

I stopped by the Roseville location and met Kenisha (sp?)...when I walked in she took such good care of me (that's without her knowing who I was), and I just warmed up right away:) I decided to interview her and ask what that was all about...I tried several times with my usual questions but had trouble getting down to the truth...she kept givin' all that corporate dogma (good stuff, but....) Anyway it came out at the end of the interview...'she likes to make people Happy' Watch and see:)

Making friends...

I spent the morning in Northville with Bruce and the gang and had the best of times. They have a very loyal bunch of customers there...and each and every one wanted to tell me why they came. Some said because they love the drinks, some 'cuz they loved the people...and then I got a lot of 'because your a Michigan Company.' :)

The most popular drink was the Caramel Marvel, unlike last week which was all about the Teddy Bear....I love that people love our drinks and they say...'they just taste better at BIGGBY!'

Something else happened yesterday that was 'BIG' to me....I had many people that were converting customers (from other coffee shop places)...they drag them to us and convince them that they have to go to BIGGBY, makes me Happy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hoppy Kidz

Hey, it's Mike Rogers and Lori

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The man who does the Sauce :)

Spent the day workin' with Jim Kanner...he makes our wonderful chocolate, caramel, white chocolate,....and now the new marshmallow sauces (our new favorite!)

We work on all kinds of new things and right now were on to something special and top secret...had a chance to ask him a few questions before he left our lab...take a look :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Whip Cream... :)

Tifany (been a customer since the original store) and Isaac fill me in on their non-profit and suggest free whip cream :) for kids!
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...Everybody should have one:)

Got Ink? B-Hoppy

News from the from line. People LOVE the tattoos. We are having a a great time today. We are hearing things like "you have made my day a little happier," and "WOW" and the on that was my favorite is the lady who was headed to a funeral and said this is just what she need to start the day, a smile.

I started the morning by put one of these on. However, unlike some I put in on the front of my bald head. A majority of the customers that came down to the end of the count laughed out loud. I then gave them the challenge. If they would put it on there forehead for the day I would give them a free drink. I have had two ladies from a local Doctors office take me up on the challenge.

Smile it confuses people,
Ryan Mallory
Store 170

...and a video from SPOT BOB

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Grand, Grand Opening :) !!!

Check out the Ford F-150 and more...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kids love BIGGBY COFFEE too!

A little diddy, for the kids of BIGGBY COFFEE :)

All pictures came from the Bhappylounge , so if you have a great shot...don't forget to submit it!

BIGGBY COFFEE 177 -- Crazy, Fun, Energetic!

Apparently I am not the only one with a budding appetite for video...this comes to me from Paul...Uber-operator from Arlington Height, Illinois.....there are few in this class of operator, Yaknow? Take a look, and you can feel the energy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE - Lansing MI...Coming Soon

You got it!

Another store opening....this time on Lake Lansing Rd just across from East Towne Center.

I'll be there at 10am for a ribbon cutting with the O'Connor clan, on the 21st of October :) See you there :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another UFO sighting on my way back from Kzoo

So I was coming home from Kalamazoo on debate night (and I was listening) when I noticed this flashing light followng me in the sky...I got out my camera, and just when I flicked it radio got all full a static...and then this voice came in talkin' about moods and's hard to hear...maybe there were solar flares out there or somethin'....anyway take a look and a listen...

Marshmellow -- where were you the last time you had one?

That's right marshmallows are fun....I never met anybody that wasn't havin' fun the last time they had one, ya'know? But that's the way we are :)

So here's a release from Earth Times ...pretty standard stuff but the quote I like from our President is "The result is a new flavor sauce that's fun, delicious and takes us all back to our childhood..."

BIGGBY COFFEE has introduced a new marshmallow sauce to complement its popular caramel and
chocolate sauces that make up its signature coffee-based drinks. The
proprietary marshmallow sauce, called B Mellow, is the inspiration and
signature ingredient for six new menu items including the Caramel Mellow
latte, available immediately at all BIGGBY COFFEE locations for an average
retail price of $3.99 per 16 ounce cup.

BIGGBY COFFEE developed its unique marshmallow sauce over a four-month
period of trial and error with the help of Ohio-based Phillips Syrup, a
leading manufacturer of specialty syrups and flavorings. BIGGBY COFFEE is the
first retailer to introduce the marshmallow to the gourmet coffee segment.

"Our goal was to introduce something that is totally innovative, unique,
against the grain and tastes amazing," said Michael McFall, president of
BIGGBY COFFEE. "The result is a new flavor sauce that's fun, delicious and
takes us all back to our childhood when marshmallows held a prominent place in
the food pyramid."

The B Mellow marshmallow sauce is a sweet, opaque syrup that looks and
tastes just like a melted marshmallow, only it pours like a chocolate or
caramel sauce typically would. The result is a unique and tasty solution to
the sticky mess of real melted marshmallows, and a boon for the coffee
retailer and marshmallow-loving consumers around the country.

BIGGBY will introduce five marshmallow-based drinks this month in addition
to the Caramel Mellow latte; among them the Mellow Hot Chocolate and the
Mellow Steamer.

BIGGBY COFFEE currently operates 104 stores across eight states. The
marshmallow menu items are currently available at all locations.

Erica - Wants drive thru...and has fun!

I had a great time with the gang at Ionia....they absolutely make the best latte and have the most loyal customers. I love it, I interviewed Erica ..she is a little uncertain about her shoe size...but has some great my many goofy questions :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You don't have to be crazy to work here....

....We will train you!

I had the best of times with the Ribbon cutting in Waterford....I met a great group of ladies (mostly) from the the local Chamber and all....we yukked it up, ya'know? Customers everywhere....laughter, excitement, and energy....I'm all fired up!!!

Anyway the highlight of my day was having the chance to give Kari a hug...and taking this video of Evan...I nearly fell off my chair...these guys are the best!11

Monday, October 13, 2008

Grand Opening --Waterford

I'll be at the Grand Opening of the Waterford Store @ Noon tomorrow

check it out!

Go here and type in Waterford MI's on Dixie Hwy


An Invite...

Yep, that's invite to see what this whole thing is about. BIGGBY and all:)

We do these seminars...but that sounds kinds dorky and corporate...what it really an opportunity to ask all the questions you wanted to about BIGGBY and how you might get one in the end, ya'know?

Sure, sure there's that whole power point thing...and ya' got Tony Z doin' his shtick, and McFall entertaining the troops (so to speak)...but who wouldn't take the opportunity to learn a little more about's free, it's fun....and no matter what, ya' leave learning a little more than when you came....and can't beat that!

It goes from 7:00pm - 8:30pm....:)

Come visit the twiddeo to find out the details....

Or call Tony Z. toll free at 1-877-423-2637 ext 114 to find out the details..h

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Just a quick video compilation I put together this morning....celebrating the many women that make BIGGBY great!

Whip it!

this photo pulled from
CLICK ON music below and smile... :)
whip it good - devo

Friday, October 10, 2008

Buy FORD stock with BIGGBY COFFEE...

You can buy two shares of Ford stock this morning for the price of a jumbo latte at Biggby Coffee. Shares of General Motors are more precious; at $4.76 apiece, they'll set you back the $4.30 for the latte, plus tax and those two dimes next to the paper clip at the bottom of your pocket

click here and see what I mean

Farmington Hills -- BIGGBY COFFEE

I had a great time with Irma and the Gang....I met so many customers and bought so many drinks it was silly....special shout-out to Michael (great conversation)...Marc it was good to meet you...Salam and Amhir...I appreciate yer' loyalty and I love that you love the coffee! Sophia, Jeff, Rich, Larry, Pete, Beth, Ed, Jamie, Fred, Bill, Sam, Bruce, Rick (keep workin' hard on the GFS truck 'go food service!'), Jill (thanks for being my friend on facebook--see you at kari's store), Jamie, Rob (sorry your in financial services right now) Latoya, Terri...IT WAS JUST AWESOME! Anyway I interviewed Monica on my way goes:)

What happens when you communicate!

Yesterday I had a great time in Farmington Hills...but my the rest of my day was spent with a roomful of our Detroit BIGGBY operators in what is called a round particular style of communication is full of passion, knowledge, and the need and desire to do the right thing...and my objective in any communication is to always let all of 'me' shine through...this morning I received many notes from operators that attended, but I wanted to share this one with's why I love what I do!

Thanks for today. Simply, I appreciated the frank conversation, information and the demonstration of your depth of vision. Some folks may not appreciate the examples but I believe you clarified your position well. Decisions are made for reasons and its good to know a bit of history about the past to better understand the decisions you make for the future. Change is uncomfortable another detail to manage. Stagnation is catastrophic. I choose change, I choose continuous improvement. You talked a bit about Ford Motor, your father was there and I still am. That is a wonderful example of too little too late, a lack of leadership, box checking as well as unreasonable cost control that resulted in a reduction in value for the customer. Its all about the customer one at a time. I was your customer today and left satisfied.
On another note. The more I learn about this business the more I realize I don't know. The education I have received moving through this process has been costly financially but priceless in that I couldn't have learned it any other way. Also, thanks for your offer of help and your cell phone number. Just a few more weeks and I will have some first hand experience. Can't wait. I expect that is when I will need a little help from a lessons learned perspective. Again, thanks for today.

So, keep it real, B-Happy, make friends, and love life!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The most recent update from Lake Lansing Rd...opening on the 21st of Oct!

See you then... :)

Training at BIGGBY COFFEE -- Turning it Upside Down

I rarely reveal inside secrets...but I happened to stop by the Training Center, and there was a class in was very impressive!

I took eight minutes of video, but have condensed to about 50 seconds.

To protect those present I have blurred the subjects...but other than that it is just raw footage.

WARNING...our training is fast paced (more than any other organization that I know) and quite intense if you think this will make you squeamish...DON'T WATCH!!!

BTW sorry Dr. J :)

Daman -- Flipping Out @ BIGGBY in Livonia

I've know Daman for some time and frankly he is known for a little eccentricity....makes him a perfect BIGGBY operator!

I found this video on YouTube...apparently he was doing back flips in his store (who knows why....but I love it!)
Click Here and type in Livonia to find his store ...I suggest you visit and ask him for a repeat!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Gentleman takes a tour of BIGGBY COFFEE

Click Here to go to the Dan Mulhern Blog
Monday Morning With BIGGBY COFFEE


It’s Monday morning, and you’ve got tasks, assignments, projects, deadlines, and to-do’s on your mind. (Wait, wait, don’t quit this yet ) Focus for a minute on this – what Daniel Goleman calls the “primary task of leaders” – you’ve got to “prime good feeling,” and activate the energy in your peeps.* Hopefully you got your kids jazzed before they left this morning, maybe got your spouse pumped up, but even if you missed those chances, pay attention now to the energy levels at work. Every person you touch, you want to leave a little bit more energized.

One of the tried and true ways to generate energy in others is to connect. Walk with me into the Biggby Coffee headquarters in East Lansing, and imagine how you might come up with your own adaptation of their leadership practices. I gave the guy at the reception desk my name and told him I was there to meet with Tom Butz, Vice President for Operations. Tom brought me in to his office and started telling me about the Biggby culture – growing fast, but staying way close to the customer. “I’d introduce you to Bob, the co-founder, but he’s almost never here,” Tom said. “He’s out visiting stores and talking to franchisees, employees and customers.” The co-founder is quite literally touching people in the field, listening, and even blogging all about them. You can find little movies of the Biggby’s people he’s met at his “Where’s Bob” blogsite, Might not mean tons to you, but I bet it gets them psyched.

Tom Butz continued with his excited talk: “Did you meet Mike, our president?. He’s the guy who was sitting at the reception desk,” he went on. “We all do two or three six-hour shifts answering the phone, so we get unfiltered contact.” I was impressed with that. Mike had been so low-key when I’d met him, so matter-of-fact. On my tour a few minutes later, Mike and an employee were doing a conference call from right there in the reception area. What a message they’re sending: my work, like your work, is just work. We all matter here.

Then the coolest part of all was the orange phone sitting on a table in the inner office. “That’s the complaint phone,” Tom said. We all pick it up. Mary, the co-founder, Mike, me whoever’s around.” He said it makes for some comical moments when someone disappointed that the wi-fi wasn’t working says, “the president should know this,” and Mike says, “well, I am the president and I appreciate your calling and telling me.” The phone is an energizer. It shows that the boss is pitching in – one of the tried and true ways to motivate. It also tells customers they care and are really being heard. Finally, it keeps a once-small business in touch.

Maybe you can’t work the front desk, but you can always stop by and ask the receptionist what’s going on, how he’s doing, and what he’s hearing. Maybe you can’t handle the orange phone, but you could ask the customer service people how they’re doing and what they’re hearing. And maybe you’re not Bob, but these days anyone can blog about the cool people they’re meeting and working with and wanting to encourage. Pay attention to energy, as you

Lead with your best self!

Monday, October 6, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE becomes a movie set!

A note from Jenene


Fyi - Movie shoot occurred today in the store. What an exciting day!!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the actual scene, but I did see the short version of rehearsal when I was able to correct the script. The script called for the customer to mention a "Frappacino" and I was kind enough to point out that wasn't a word in the Biggby Dictionary. Cups were stacked everywhere with the intention of having them fly when the stunt man threw the barista into them. It was a 'swarm' of big B's. Additional shots were taken from outside presumably with Biggby Coffee in plain sight. For the most part everyone around us was excited and there's been quite a bit of chatter about it, including on a couple of radio stations. The actors donned our orange polo shirts (one was donated by an ex-employee who was all too thrilled with the idea that his shirt was going to be seen in a movie). Thought you would like to know that the Biggby logo was very evident in the scene of this movie.

I'm sending through some mediocre pictures - best I could do from my iPhone.

Cory talks about workin' @ BIGGBY!

Biggby Gourmet home sweet home Go to original Blog by 'Real Quick'...

Hello lonely internet! Real quick...cause I only have two more weeks to talk about this...

As many of you may know, I've been working at Biggby Gourmet Coffee (formerly Beaner's) for about a year and a half now. It's been my first and longest job I have ever held and it's been nothing but greatness from the very beginning. Here, I've seen customers good and bad, managers come and go, and drive-thru after drive-thru.

Here soon, I'm going to work at a new job in Hoschton...and yes you guessed it: Coffee! It's supposedly called 'Community Coffee' and it's in New Community Church close to down-town Hoschton. I like it there because the people are great, the church has its head square on their shoulders, and it's close to home.

I'm not going to lie, I am going to miss Biggby Coffee. I'm going to miss the Babble Book and frequent customers such as Ken, Rockin' Randy, Kieth, "the goat guy", Gene, "the Legend", and Gregg Hampton. Some memories with some of the staff are going to stick with me for a long time. I'm going to miss all my awesome co-workers (Jake, Austin, Misha, Karina, 'Manda (sarah palin), Emily, Blake, Nichole, Glen, Amy, Leslie, Christy, Michael, Billiam lol, and Ken)...a mouthful...but I love ya'll.

I KNOW I'm going to miss all the inside jokes:
"Grape Yoda Soda!"
"Look at this...!!!"
"I'm old gregg!"
"David Blaine"

So, this is my reminiscing of the Shop and the 'boat times'...Love you!


Ty signing a BIGGBY mug for the BIGGBY crew!

Things you miss when yer in FRANCE!

From Caitlin...Go to Original Blog

9. Grab and go coffee, specifically Biggby: we've been over this before. It just doesn't exist here. Portions here are also very tiny. It's the same amount of caffeine in less liquid, which means less time to savor the taste.

Fun from K Holly Photography!

Celebrate & Welcome! Click on the Original Blog

Today’s the day! My blog’s birthday! And now the birthday of BOTH blogs!

On October 5th, 2007 I started up my photo blog. It was just a place to put some of the pictures I’d been taking. I had no idea it would grow so fast or so much! If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve seen many changes - two website designs, several logo redesigns, and many many blog facelifts. I just never could get my blog looking the way I wanted it to with the functionality and professionalism I was looking for. So, in celebration of my first blog anniversary, I decided to do a whole overhaul. It’s fun, pretty, clean and simple, with room for nice big wide images! It took some time, and I have to say - my web design and programming skills have been thoroughly dusted off and on their way to polished! I was even able to upload all my blog posts from there to here. Woohoo!

Hope you like it, find it easier to read, see the images, and comment. I had a few people tell me that they were never able to comment on my old blog. So, I cordially invite you to comment freely. In fact, commenting on this post is all you have to do to win…..

K. Holly Blogiversary Giveaway #1!

This would also be a good time to tell you that there will be several fabulous prizes throughout the week! The very first contest is today - all you have to do is comment - I don’t even care what you say. Be Clever. Be Random. Be Unique!

So, Vanna, what do they win? The early bird gift for being here on a Sunday! A Biggby Gift Card! (Don’t know what Biggby is? Well, then, I suppose you’re not in West Michigan. We’ll make it a Starbucks Gift Card for you!) Why Biggby? Because they have served as my office and living room many, many times. If I have a bunch of work to do but can’t bear to be in the house anymore? Biggby. Meeting clients & friends? Biggby. Bringing in thank-you (or apology!) lattes to my wonderfully amazing coworker? Biggby!! Not to mention, Biggby Bob’s blog and emails are a pretty fun read ;) So I’m sharing the love… and lattes. I highly recommend the Sugar Bear! No wait, Teddy Bear. No, Caramel Marvel… Or the Hot Caramel Cider… Hm… Hey, Winner - take me with you! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Waterford coming soon!

I had a quick minute to stop in and visit with Kari and ask her about the 'OPENING DATE' ....Take a look!

My visit to Novi

Jeez, that was great....I met people like Jon, Jay, and Stacey and we all hung out for a while talkn' ...I was havin' so much fun I forgot that it was supposed to be about work...ya'know? But I guess it's not really work anyway cuz' yer not supposed to have fun at work, and since I have fun, it can't be work, right? Well anyway I bought over 50 drinks....kinda crazy, and I was listening, all day, to customers telling me what a great job Jenene does (I mean I started to think the fix was in)...but I looked deep in their eyes....and they really meant it ya'know? The stories I heard, sayin' why people come to BIGGBY, and where they used to go were great to all comes down to the people in the end....people love the drinks (they are the best)...but they come for the people!

I had a lot of fun with the staff too...we played around, and they made me a blueberry something or other, that was great....but not my cuppa tea. There was a lotta' passion runnin' through the store...but I think they were all juiced up on 'Boosta''ll have to ask yer local store 'bout that :)

I had a ball!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Animal Testing!

So we're rollin' Reb Bull out in all the stores and although it's not my thing, a lotta people like it...the only way I would let it in the door though, is if I could make a drink out of yeah, it's the now perfect drink called the RED BULL CREME FREEZE...bloody awesome (cuz, I think the stuff straight out of the can, tastes a little funny) this makes RED BULL taste good (you'll see)

Now I heard that RB does funny things to ya' and in the interest of putting this idea to rest...I tested this product, take a look :)

The Ramblings of a Princess...

Ran across this blog...I loved it! Go directly to her blog and leave a comment

Unedited comment!

Biggby Coffee = my new fav place. This week they are having FREE COFFEE!!!! Let me try to explain to you how amazing this is. I LOVE coffee. College coffee = utter nastiness. Biggby coffee = quite tasty and available in many different flavors. It isn't weak and watered down, or way too strong, it is pretty much perfect. being a poor jobless (in search of a job) college student means that I can not afford to purchase Biggby Coffee - like ever. I have other, more important things that I have to spend my $$$ on. (shampoo, nylons, etc.) So when my friend, Heather, (who works at Biggby) told me that they were offering free coffee all week long, I was ECSTATIC!!!!! Imagine a little elf who shows up in your dreams and fills your wallet with $$$ - and when you wake up your wallet is actually full of cash - yes it is as amazing as that!!!!! To be able to walk into Biggby Coffee and get as many cups of coffee as I want is DELICIOUSLY AMAZING.

This morning I awoke at my usual time - 5am. Most mornings I try to get to breakfast a little early, and I usually give myself about 45min of extra time each morning, just in case I forgot to finish an assignment or I need to do my dorm duties. This morning I was completely ready to go by 6:36. The only thing rushing through my mind was BIGGBY COFFEE!!!!! Strangely, the other girls in my room were also ready to go unusually early. We jumped in the van, and headed off. (ok we didn't actually jump, that was just a colorful use of verbs)

I got a large hazelnut coffee this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After classes and chapel I headed back, once again picking up a hazelnut coffee for myself, and also grabbing a cherry coffee for John (according to him, it was quite tasty). Biggby Coffee is just down the road from the college, so I can go there frequently. I will probably be back there tonight, just before dinner. I don't want to drink all that caffeine too late at night.

As of right now coffee = happiness. The weather has been chilly and rainy and the hot, bold flavors of Biggby Coffees really hit the spot. I shall be taking advantage of the free coffee all week long.

Eloquently Yours,
Your Highness
Princess Lynn


And so the Mason BIGGBY COFFEE...suppliers of COFFEE to the EXTREME MAKEOVER in Holt snaps a coupla' pictures of TY singing cups and stuff :)

Nice job guys!