Thursday, July 30, 2009

This just in -- The BIGGBY way trumps all !!

Sometimes I think, maybe I give Biggby too much credit.... maybe its not really as good as I think. Then I go try Starbucks to compare. Every time I realize why I always stick with Biggby. Great coffee with a great taste and AMAZING customer service!

Thanks Amanda :) !

This Just in -- the BIGGBY WAY (store 4) .....way to go!

My compliments to the staff at this Biggby! The baristas are always friendly and give you that feeling that makes me feel good about Biggby Coffee--the finest in the world. Going to Biggby's is so unlike any other coffee shop where they just try to push you in your order and get you to have a more expensive drink. You must take care of your baristas because they do an excellent job at all phases of the sale: from ordering to chatting about whatnot, to delivery of the drink--Biggby's has got it down.

Thanks Mark!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks for noticing!

A blogger takes note of some exceptional training...Thanks for noticing!
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Biggby Coffee Customer Service sets the bar

So, I am a frequent consumer of delicious beverages served up at my local Biggby Coffee shop – formerly known as Beaners. I’ve traveled quite a bit through my home state and always manage to find a local Biggby to satisfy my need for refreshment. One thing that has stood out at every Biggby Coffee shop I have visited is the approach the baristas use while taking my order.

I often order a drink for my wife and for myself. After describing each beverage I am ordering to the barista, they always, without fail, respond by saying “what else can I get for you?” Usually I tell them the second beverage, to which they reply once again “what else can I get for you?” Biggby Baristas have been meticulously trained to assume each and every customer wants more than they are ordering. Often times they are right, and thus are able to accommodate their customers with additional B Treats, souvenir coffee cups, and even hip and trendy B gear.

On the flip side, every time I visit a local fast food restaurant and place an order, at the conclusion of ordering my first item, the order-taker abruptly announces “will that complete your order?”. Usually I have more items that I would like to order, so I have to answer them “no, I’d like ____.” After each item is ordered, the order-taker repeats his plea for me to stop ordering food: “will that complete your order”. Apparently there is a limit on the amount of food I can order and this order-taker is cautiously hoping that I don’t reach that limit – stopping me after each item to be sure I am not taking my order too far. What happened to asking me if I would like fries? Where has my “super-size for only $.25″ offer gone? I know that their clock is running, but wouldn’t they improve their bottom line by enticing every customer to spend more money, rather than rushing them through in order to get to the next customer?

So in the essence of fairness and investigation, I timed myself saying “what else can I get for you?” and “does that complete your order?”. Both phrases are 7 syllables and take the identical time to speak. Even adding in fluctuations for enthusiasm, saying “does that complete your order?” does not reduce the time of service at all. Yet saying “what else can I get for you?” increases the average ticket price and company bottom line.

Every service-based business could stand to learn from Biggby Coffee.

This just in -- BIGGBY Best :) ..thanks Kathy !

I just discovered your "fun" high-quality online website with its varied activities and options. The trivia questions are engaging.

My favorite Biggby blend is Biggby's Best. I had been getting McDonald's coffee but have now changed to Biggby's because McDonald's has made some kind of change in their coffee - and not for the better! Biggby's Best has just the right robustness and flavor for me without being overpoweringly strong (like Starbuck's!).

I got "hooked" on Biggby's coffee in Big Rapids, Michigan, where I teach at Ferris State University. I also frequent the EastBelt Line store (north of IMAX) in Grand Rapids, and have visited two shops downtown Grand Rapids.

I love the idea of getting a free coffee with my Biggby card!

Thanks. Nice product.


The just in -- more on the BIGGBY way :)

I look forward to starting my day at BIGGBY COFFEE. The products, the people that work there and the ownership have all been great. I recommend BIGGBY to all my friends and even my own customers!

Thanks for being part of the community and providing a great product and a wonderful atmosphere.

Summerville, SC

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Jen works at the Grosse Pointe BIGGBY COFFEE, but I run into her a lot at various BIGGBY Grand Openings. There is such a strength and warmth in her really shines through whether she is working at her store or helping somebody else. If you ever see her working I beg you to get a straight latte, hers are truly 'one of the best' and you will also get a chance to see some beautiful 'latte art.'

Thanks Jen!

Peter the Great (two)

I have met Peter several times now at various BIGGBY operations...I enjoy his kindness and complete dedication! Thank you Peter :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Starbucks .... Super Barista!

Me, Will, and the SB-bots... on BIGGBY Field Day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mark my word...BIGGBY COFFEE

This just in...from Mark :)

The secret of Biggbys lies in the reality that the average Biggby barista is an interesting person, with a kind disposition, attention to excellent courteous service and a sense of humor. To be sure, I believe that I hardly ever go to Biggbys just to get a drink anymore--sure the drink is good--but the essence of my enjoyment when I stop at Biggbys is the wit and charm of the conversation that ensues while I'm ordering and having my drink made. Take care to keep up that corporate attitude and Biggbys will always be my choice for coffee+

Thank you Mark!

Sherri from Kenosha said:

Came again today, like every day.

Ally and Steph were here with their smiling faces.
Always ready to greet people. Made 'See you tomorora' wonderful latte (actualy 2) as usual. Good job!

See you tomorrow.

LA Confidential -- and BIGGBY COFFEE

This just in ...

I am a recent graduate of MSU and have moved to sunny Los Angeles. I need to know when you are planning on starting a franchise out here. I can't stop thinking about your coffee, friendly atmosphere, incredible coffee, fun branding, coffee, the big orange B's, oh and your INCREDIBLE COFFEE!!! I miss giving you guys my money. Please come here ;)

Thanks Randi!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thank You Charlotte BIGGBY for this great post of Field Day !!

The BIGGBY way - by the Hayes family :)


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a great person you have working for you at the store near me in Wyoming MI 28th street.

She was very kind and patient when, I came in with my family of five.
She made sure that every one got the perfect type of drink, mine being the Caramel Marvel, wow that thing is great, and the kids just loved the drinks that She help them pick out.

She made us really fell like we all just have a own coffee house now, a cool place to hang out and drink and have fun, she even told us later on that she was looking forward to are next visit and that we have a great family.

Please give are thanks to this person at you store for making us all fell so welcome.
Her name was Nicole .

Thanks again from the Hayes Family

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This just in -- from Betsy (thanks for saying so)

I come into BIGGBY at both Chicago Dr. and Ivanrest. I am very impressed with the kindness of your staff at both locations. They are always friendly and have smiles on their faces. Thank you. It is nice to come into a place where the workers appear happy. They never give off the impression of being stressed, impatient or tired, even at their busier times. Thank you for a job well done.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This just in -- from Kristen @ Westland BIGGBY :)

I had the best coffee drink I have ever had in my entire life today at the Biggby here in Westland. The service was spectacular, though I cannot remember the guy's name who served us. I drink Biggby 4-5 times a month, especially the chill drinks in the summer, and I have never had a better one than the Nutty Buddy big chill I got today. Loved it! I usually go to the one in Canton, but I think I am changing to the one in Westland. It was great!

This just in -- Another BIGGBY WAY story :)

last night while I was manning the B-Heard Hotline, I received a phone call from a woman by the name of Sally who went to store 2 several weeks ago, had a meeting, and forgot her purse when she left.

She was frantic looking for it because she needed her ID to fly out on business the next day. She called the store hoping that it would be there and Emily answered the phone and let her know that in fact she had found it.

Sally really really really appreciated the fact that Emily found it, saved it, and was willing to stay past store hours so that this woman could pick up her purse.

She also was struck by the honesty and integrity of Emily (who would not take a reward) and felt that Emily had restored Sally’s faith in people.

Thanks Emily! Way to go!