Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Coldwater Opening

Quirky fun exciting personality, it's all I ask for, ya'know? And these folks in Coldwater MI got it (maybe it's the cold water...haha (sorry))...anyway...it was a quick trip there and I was whistling Dixie all the way! As I drove up there were cars everywhere...in the drive thru and the parking lot. When I walked up to the front door, there was Victor holding the door and sayin' hello and goodbye to everybody....ya gotta luv'it! We chatted for a bit, then I got in line for my drink...it was a perfect experience! I met every employee working at the moment and I would love to work with any one them...any day!

you can probably tell, but, I like these guys...but I'll let you be the judge....take a look! BTW they are at 550 cups and moving North!


No Hippies in Coldwater :)

BIGGBY COFFEE Coldwater -- the first 15 seconds

I just landed here and Victor was holdin' the door....it just doesn't get better than that! But, it just got better, great experience at cash, great experience at pickup....I love these guys. There has been a line since I been here (drive thru too!) take a look at this fifteen minute segment....

Monday, September 29, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- On the road again :)

Tomorrow I jump out early and head down to Coldwater Michigan for another opening....I am quite excited 'cuz I've never been there....so I'll be see'in it 'fresh' and for the first time.

Click here, then click on store 254

I look forward to seeing Victor and Karen...the owners.

If anybody wants to take the drive, go straight down I-69, just North of the Indiana border...I'll buy!

B all that you can B

couldn't have said it better myself!

It seems that Biggby Coffee is quite popular among humans--probably because their softies demand that they go get them yummy drinks. Thanks Nigel and Naner Lady for giving the head's up on this awesome place!


The BIGGBY COFFEE Mason MI was busy today and still desperate for some more volunteers....below are pictures of the crew and of Ty just before he signed a BIGGBY mug.

Some quotes from Lori...

Picture of Ty right before he signed our BIGGBY Mug!


We would love to have some more stores get involved.

What we need:

Stores to brew coffee to fill cambro's (which we have) at night, since their crews work all night long, and drop off at the check-in site (located at the Holiday Inn on S. Cedar).
To brew coffee cambro's in the morning to refresh the cambro's used at night.
To donate bag of BIGGBY's Best, ground for brewing that day.
To donate 2 sleeves of short cups and 1 sleeve of lids.

Have fun Lori!!!

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Opening Soon

I had a visit to the new Lake Lansing Rd location (under construction)...in Lansing. This store is owned by Jane...uber-franchisee (she owns 3 other locations)...I was thinkin' I might run into her....but she hadn't dropped by yet (next time Jane :) )

I combined this video with a coupla' stills that we have been takin' that shows a store under construction....take a look and tell me what you think!

Less than perfect....

So I was drivin' from Metro Airport the other day on my return from DC and I had to stop at a rest area. I found a sign that said "REST AREA FACILITY MAYBE UNDER SURVEILLANCE"...and it struck me that MAYBE it was not grammatically correct. I checked with a coupla' informal experts and they concurred...NOT CORRECT!

I bring this to you so that when you read my blog and find a few spelling and grammatical errors...you understand that I am not the only one :) Even a government agency like DOT can hit 'spell check' and 'grammar check' and come up with a doosey like this :)
On I-275


A note from the BIGGBY team in Mason...

Up again at 3:00 am to brew more coffee for the gang. They sent someone over for another 120 cups between 6:30 and 9:00 pm yesterday. Our total is well over 500 cups of coffee and 60 cups of vanilla bean OI for the first day.

Attached is a picture taken just before some of the team met Ty to give him a Birthday card and Biggby Boardroom mug. Ty was also kind enough to sign the green Biggby mug for them. In case you cannot read it, the card reads "Mason - Biggby - B Compassionate - B Energetic - B Happy"

The BIGGBY way is strong wouldn't you say? GO MASON!
Mason Baristas

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Extreme MAKEOVER (home edition) and BIGGBY COFFEE

Lori and James of the Mason BIGGBY location have generously donated their time and BIGGBY COFFEE (of course) to a Lansing area EXTREME MAKEOVER...pretty awesome, isn't it!
Click here for full story

On September 26, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” will be traveling to Holt, Michigan, to tell the Nickless family that their 1860’s farmhouse will be remodeled in only seven days! After husband Tim Nickless passed away in January, Arlene and her three sons were left to fend for themselves in the dilapidated home. Therefore, Ty and his designers will rebuild the Nickless’ home to help them eventually rebuild their own lives after their tragic loss.

First Gentleman visits DeWitt BIGGBY!

Everyday Leadership with Dan Mulhern
Dan Mulhern, the First Gentleman of Michigan, hosts Everyday Leadership: Making Work Work, a weekly look at leadership in business and the issues that impact the workplace.

Corporate Volunteerism” (9.27.08) - Hour 2
Sep 27th, 2008 by michigantalknetwork

Live from Biggby’s Coffee, Dan is joined by Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley to discuss workplace issues.
Click here to listen

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A great lineup....

The creativity and fun that comes out of the BIGGBY stores is just amazing! Here is another great example....But first, I just love this lineup, Mocha Java, French Roast, BIGGBY Best....it just doesn't get any better!

Personality is what were talkin' about here....it just exudes out of BIGGBY COFFEE....but not from some dogmatic corporate perspective....but from real people (staff, customers, owners)...that all have ownership....and that ownership allows personal identity to blossom, I love it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Just Ridiculous!

I was up in the store in Muskegon to find out all the things they were doin' right...when I pulled in there was this frog out in the street wavin' people into BIGGBY. The frog waved at me...and I felt a kinship right away. Well later I found out that this frog was named Leah (sp?)...and she granted me the right to do an interview. I was thinkin' that these guys in Muskegon have a spirit ya' just don't find anywhere...and i was tryin' to think what that was...but it just occurred to me, it's the BIGGBY way! Yup, these have it...quirky, fun, happy, energetic, enthusiastic...it's all rolled up in there, ya'know? And some how...it all adds up to success...and I always like to meet success! Watch this frogaliscious video, it's just ridiculous (and a little crazy)!

Digby finds a friend in Muskegon

DIGBY meets le Frog

So I was hanging around the store...and before I knew it Digby is making the rounds himself and meetin' people and chattin' it up. I look up by the front counter and he sittin' with 'le frog'...just hangin' out. I was kinda jealous...:)

On the road to Muskegon...Green Moon,UFO, or What!?

So I was out the door by 6am headin' to Muskegon (as promised)...easy ride. I walked out with a cup o MJ from home, but by the time I reached GR, I was on empty...so I stopped in Steve's store in Forest Hills....Cascade...they didn't have MJ up today, so I got a little Costa Rica instead...

In minutes I hit the road again....Muskegon bound, and very excited, this is such a good crew!

Now somethin' strange happened, along the way...I saw a bright green ball in the sky just as the sun was rising...so here is my speculation...polution, green moon, UFO....whad'you think?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Muskegon -- Now Open!

When I was in Muskegon yesterday...I took this video on a SUBWAY marquee sign...it shows the BIGGBY van driving by...and then announces the opening of the store. Best of luck today....and have fun!

To find the store Click Here and click on store 266

Monday, September 22, 2008

Muskegon Rocks! ..and they are opening Tomorrow :)

And so I take a drive up to Muskegon to check out this singing n' serenading crew, the day before opening day (I won't be there tomorrow)...I park out front and start filming, you know, my usual shtick...from roadside. Well they musta' seen me, 'cuz...by time I got inside they were singing, AGAIN! It was beautiful and unexpected...You have to know this is not rehearsed...this was live, unedited, and real time. I walk'n in thinkin' I'm gonna get a chance to chat with Pete...but 'no dice', the troops were singin' to me again, I couldn't ignore it. I love these guys, and their gonna be brilliant operators...I can feel, ya'know?

BTW...I say the word Muskegon like I've been living in the U.P. all my life...sorry (and no offense to youpers either :)!!)

Doing the Right Thing!

Kari, from the Waterford store (coming soon) sent me a link to a newsletter from the organization she worked at....just before she left to become a BIGGBY franchisee.

A lot a people want to know how we ultimately approve our operators...the answer to some of that lie inside this newsletter...

It was sort of amazing to me, as I read this newsletter, how many key words lined up with the 'core values' of the Franchise Organization....no wonder Kari became a franchisee!

Read on!

Executive Director Of LAS Finds New Place To Call “Home”
click here for original article
What once was a vision for Kari Mascar,
is now a reality. Kari, the Director
of Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS),
will soon be leaving LCFS to pursue her
dream as a coffee shop owner. Biggby
Coffee is a franchise based on the idea
that you can ‘B’ what you want to ‘B’-
something that Kari believes in with all
of her heart.
Since becoming Director of LAS in
2002, Kari has been a part of more than
1300 adoptions. As if that isn’t impressive
enough, in 2004 Kari was instrumental
in getting new adoption legislation
passed, which made it mandatory for
all adoption petitions to be filed within
the same county.
If there is one thing that Kari learned
while at LCFS, it was the importance of
integrity and always doing the right
Although Kari is excited about her
Grand Opening on October 14th, she
will miss the staff at LAS and LCFS.
“I am going to miss the people I work
with the most. They are very dedicated,
capable and knowledgeable. I
have made a lot of friends here.”
Kari is looking forward to the atmosphere
and friends she will make at the
coffee shop. The first time she set foot
in a Biggby, she remembered feeling
very impressed with both the atmosphere
and the philosophy of the company.
She looks forward to creating an
“experience” for everyone who visits
her store. “If I can brighten someone’s
day by providing them a comfortable
and exciting experience, then I have
done my job,” said Kari.
Thank you for your hard work and
dedication Kari; you will be missed!
Kari’s Biggby is located on
Dixie Highway in Waterford
Click here and then click on store 260

“You can never make
everyone happy, you just
always have to do the
right thing.
-Kari Mascar

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Take the Subway to Muskegon...and find a BIGGBY COFFEE

BIGGBY COFFEE is opening it's newest location in Muskegon on Tuesday, here is an article talking about that store...Full Article

Local Subway king adding Biggby Coffee outlet
Posted by Dave Alexander | The Muskegon Chronicle September 20, 2008 23:11PM
Categories: Business
Muskegon's sandwich king is adding coffee to his franchise network.

Local Subway Sandwich shop king Pete Gawkowski is opening Muskegon's first Biggby Coffee, the fast-growing East Lansing-based regional coffee shop chain. He is partnering with family friend Deb Smith, who will manage the shop at 3295 Henry in Roosevelt Park.

The coffee shop, with drive-thru service and Wi-Fi access for wireless Internet users inside, is located in front of the Wal-Mart and directly across the street from the newly created entrance to the Meijer Inc. Gawkowski -- who owns 16 Subways from Muskegon to Grand Haven and Newaygo County -- and Smith are not just opening a single outlet, but expecting to develop the Biggby brand in the Muskegon area.

"I started as a loyal Biggby customer years ago, so I know what makes the whole experience unique from the other side of the counter," said Gawkowski, who also is developing an indoor baseball/softball training facility in southern Norton Shores. "When I was looking for my next franchise opportunity, I knew Biggby Coffee was it and I'm proud to bring that experience to Muskegon."

Smith, of Norton Shores, comes to the coffee business from 11 years as a paraprofessional working in the Muskegon Public Schools' reading programs. During the past year, she has worked in the food service industry and has been working on the Biggby development since June.

The coffee shop opens Tuesday. It will offer coffee, various espresso-based specialty drinks, smoothies, teas and light food from bagels and bake goods to sandwiches.

"Biggby is more than just coffee," Smith said. "It's the experience. It's where everyone knows your name."

Smith said that she and Gawkowski have sought a coffee shop opportunity for some time. The coffee business is the fastest growing segment in the food service industry and Muskegon still offers opportunities, she said.

The partners, who operate as GNS Java, had thought about an independent shop but found the Biggby franchise the best path into the business. Biggby, founded in an old Arby's outlet near Michigan State University's campus in 1995, provides its franchise owners with a successful business plan and plenty of backup training, Smith said. The shop will bring 20 full- and part-time jobs.

In selecting the Henry Street location, GNS Java looked at traffic counts and found the morning numbers favorable for a coffee shop, Smith said. Gawkowski just opened a rebuilt Subway at Henry and Summit avenues and knows the area well.

"You can't discount a man who has succeeded with 16 Subways," Smith said of Gawkowski's experience. "Pete has a proven track record."

There is no doubt that GNS Java will move forward on additional Muskegon-area locations, Smith said, adding that initial customer response to the Henry Street outlet will determine the pace of expansion.

"We are absolutely looking to expand," Smith said.

First Gentleman visits DeWitt BIGGBY!

Everyday Leadership with Dan Mulhern
Dan Mulhern, the First Gentleman of Michigan, hosts Everyday Leadership: Making Work Work, a weekly look at leadership in business and the issues that impact the workplace.

“30 Year Jobs” (9.20.08) - Hour 1
Sep 20th, 2008 by michigantalknetwork

In the second hour of today’s live show from Biggby’s Coffee, Dan finds out whether the concept of a “30 Year Job” is outdated in today’s fast-moving work climate.
Dan conducts a 'Man on the Street' style interview at the BIGGBY COFFEE in DeWitt

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can't Touch This!

That's right it's 'Hammer Time' in Muskegon...and this BIGGBY crew has got it all! They got 'the ying', they got 'the yang', they got the 'mo', and they got the enthusiasm and energy to do whatever they want! Ya' gotta love it!

Where do ya' find people like this? Well here it is....they are not grown on some happy farm, they aren't molded by some super-philosophy, and they are not pre-selected using some Psycho-Graphic tests (whatever that means):)

It's already in all of us...that's right, you got it, I got it, they got it....we all got it....but usually it's pounded right of us, we grow up, we gotta get serious, and we can't have fun anymore.

Well at BIGGBY it's different...Friends, Fun, Happy, Freedom to be who you are...when it's released, it's powerful, uncontainable, it bubbles up from everywhere...it's contagious and all you want is more.

Muskegan (store 266)...you've got it and I love you for this!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No purpose what-so-ever....:)

Two (non BIGGBY BOB) videos....and their only pupose is...huh, well there is no purpose :) But they do both mention BIGGBY COFFEE, sorta, kinda, maybe. Well it's been a long day, with no purpose at all anyway, so why not? Ya'know? Check 'em out, and keep in mind I do scrounge for this kinda thing once in a while...ya' never know...

BIGGBY = Paradise

Russ miller
Originally uploaded by B-Happy Lounge
I like to troll the B-Happy Lounge (www.bhappylounge.com) every once in a while lookin' for pictures that tickle my fancy. This one by Russ made me laugh! There are so many fun photos though...it's hard to say one is better than another. I mean there is cute, funny, friends, beautiful...they are all great! I love BIGGBY, you love BIGGBY, we all love BIGGBY....thank you!

Another victory inside 8 mile -- from the FREEP

We love the progress being made...DMC and now WSU! original FREEP article

Merchants move into building near WSU

National and local retailers are moving into a new apartment building on Woodward near Wayne State University in Midtown, a big plus for the area that serves students and professionals.

So far, Utrecht Art Supplies and Radio Shack have opened in the 30,000 square feet set aside for retail on the first floor. Coming this fall are Fifth Third Bank, Biggby Coffee and Starter's Bar and Grill.

"This is the first new apartment building in the city for many years," said Marcel Burgler, developer of the 124-unit Studio One Apartments. "It's got a lot of light and space, it's secure and has covered parking. I think we'll do well."

Burgler said the building is about 40% leased. The one- and two-bedroom apartments range from 650 square feet to 1,008 square feet and rent for $870 to $1,395. Each unit has a balcony, hardwood floors, walk-in closets, a washer/dryer combination, granite countertops, floor-to-ceiling windows, appliances and exposed concrete ceilings and duct work.

Burgler, with Grand Rapids-based Prime Development, developed the building in a joint venture with Wayne State University. The university contributed $14 million, including the 950-space parking deck that is linked by a walkway to the apartment building.

Prime Development invested $22 million to build the project on two acres on Woodward near Warren. It has an option to develop another campus housing project on a nearby 2-acre plot, Burgler said.

The building is attracting more faculty and professionals than undergrads, he said. It is particularly attractive for people who don't want to buy property they may not be able to sell quickly with the real estate market slump.

The Wayne State market is attractive to Fifth Third Bank, which is to open Sept. 29 in the first-floor retail space.

Jeff Wagner, vice president for corporate real estate for Fifth Third Bank, said the branch would be the Cincinnati-based bank's fifth in the city.

"This location we are excited about because of the redevelopment happening adjacent to it and on the Wayne State campus," Wagner said. "We are looking forward to a positive experience there. Wayne State continues to have a lot of energy."

Jon Parlangeli, store manager for Utrecht Art Supplies, said the new location is cleaner and safer than the old one on Woodward where the retailer had been for 70 years.

"If you get this much retail in one spot, it will draw people," he said. "We can all kind of cross-pollinate each other."

Contact GRETA GUEST at 313-223-4192 or gguest@freepress.com.

Every bit helps!

a post by ABC 53 >Original article

Biggby and CATA
September 16, 2008 - 5:29PM
With gas prices soaring, it's time to "jump in the pool".

Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) and some Biggby Coffee locations have teamed up to encourage car pooling.

Select Biggby locations are holding events for people trying to find a car pool group.

Cathleen Edgerly said, "To try to help people meet up with others who are interested in finding carpool or vanpool partners from a similar area, they can meet face-to-face and work out the details with that."

Three more events will be held this week.

Wedenesday, Sept. 17: Biggby Coffee at 3520 Okemos Rd. in Okemos (5-7 p.m.)

Thursday, Sept. 18: Biggby Coffee at 120 W. Ottawa in downtown Lansing (5-6 p.m.)

Friday, Sept. 19: Biggby Coffee at 13181 Schavey Rd. in DeWitt (5-7 p.m.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Owosso Opening....Just amazing!

I almost got my socks blown off when I walked in the new BIGGBY COFFEE in Owosso....it was opening day and Tori was up front workin' with the cashier....and they shouted out a BIG HELLO....it's the way it's gotta be, Ya'know?

Their staff was full of smiles and enthusiasm...and one of the best I've ever seen! The store was beautiful and the music was loud, just the way it should be.....energy was poppin' everywhere!

I watched people comin' and goin', through the door, and the drive thru....everybody with a smile, 'course they were gettin' the stuff with whip cream (how can you go wrong?) They had a lot goin' on and I barely squeezed the interview in...before there was a line again! I left them 10 deep...Owosso is a location long overdue. we been want'n one there for a long time, and it looks like Owosso has been waiting too...

I interviewed Tori from behind the line, but eventually Jim wiggled his way in too...these guys are awesome...so if you get a chance give them a visit!!!!

PS they rounded the day out at 750 cups...Yahoo!

Mine is Leonardo

Mine is Leonardo
Originally uploaded by niccimae
What is the 'BIGGBY WAY' ....well it's whatever you want it to be....it's kinda like good art....ya' might not be able to explain it before you see it.....but WHEN you see it, ya' know it!

I know the BIGGBY WAY when I see it...and this tag....'We like silly at Biggby' is spot on!

BIGGBY -- More chalk

More chalk
Originally uploaded by niccimae
Tell me this isn't cool.....I luv the stuff I find on Flickr......I'm guessn' at the store....Daman, is this yours? I've seen it there before....on my last visit....SUPER!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What the? ....700 plus cups on day 2, whew!!!

I checked in today with the Corp-Ops folks to see how the Detroit Receiving Hospital opening was going...I stopped in yesterday, Sunday (opening day)and they were doing well....but that was Sunday in a Hospital, ya,know? see the video on this store

Anyway they are crankin' (700 cups today...so far) and I found out the secret ingredient...they got a bunch of the folks from the Grosse Pointe store...those guys are unbelievably good!

Ya'see we give away free drip coffee on Opening Day...but all I saw comin' out of the store was the 'big stuff', you know, the with the whipped cream and such...and everybody had a big smile...it made me smile.

Nick...you got it goin' on....it's a dynamite location, and you knew it! CONGRATS!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spent the day in kazoo....

So I had a meeting at the Kalamazoo College Library with all the owner operators in Kalamazoo (I love that name!)....what a great crowd! Those operators in Kazoo are spot on! It took us about three hours (time flies when yer havin' fun) Afterwards I took a drive further down Stadium Drive past our location in Bronco Mall and went to our drive thu....across from Sweetwater Donuts....and I bumped into Rebbecca....an awesome BIGGBY barista! She taught me a lot....and made a great recommendation for hours of operation....I gotta say it a again...."I Love Kalamazoo!"....watch the video!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Location ....Detroit Receiving Hospital

Oh my was I ever impressed! I went to Detroit Receiving Hospital to go visit a new location opening this Sunday....that set of Detroit Hospitals is simply unbelievably impressive (it's a whole city onto itself), 'course I am not sure what I was expecting but take a visit link to the hospital

I was coming from the GM-RenCen....where I was a panelist for the Michigan Works Annual conference...What a great conference!

I had a great time at the Ren Cen...and at Detroit Receiving....as a matter of fact I gonna go back on Sunday and hit the DIA go to DIA ...course that's 'Detroit Institute of Art' not 'Defense Intelligence Agency' :)....I haven't been in a while!

Take a look at this store under construction....it's the third two story BIGGBY! Has anybody ever been to the Children's Hospital or Detroit Receiving or the Karmanos Cancer Center?

Where is this?

Anne Hood
Originally uploaded by B-Happy Lounge
We get so many awesome photos on flickr.....this is one!

If you would like to post a photo go to the B-Happy Lounge .... and click on 'Where do you B?'

Check it out!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So I've been given a little beef...

...apparently when I ran the Short, Tall, Grande poll I didn't give the argument to go to small, medium, strong enough. Now let me tell you "I have no opinion on this" .....so don't give me a hard time because you think this is somethin' I want to do. It's just that I think these kinds of discussions deserve their due course....and worth a dialogue. So read what Twitchy McGee said ....his comment and then give this video a watch (it's funny as all get out) 'course I apologize in advance for the SB logo....but you'll get the idea.

So when yer done with these two things 'the video' and 'Twitchy's comments' .....leave a comment for me....it can be anonymous, I don't care :) ...then take the poll again and let's see what happens! Make sure while your doin' this to have fun and B-happy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bill gives us an update on the new music list!

Thanks Bill! Go to Bill's Blog! (and see videos)

Order up! Your coffee shop playlist is readyPosted by Bill Chapin September 02, 2008 10:54AM
Categories: Musical snobbery
Well, it's time to reveal the 10-song playlist that I'm going to pass along to the folks at Biggby Coffee after they asked little old me to suggest some titles to add to the new music selection that plays in their stores.

French-Israeli chanteuse Yael Naim seems like a good fit musically for a coffee shop.As promised, I've reserved five spots on the list for suggestions sent in by readers. I heard from three of you. Two sent in a full list of five song, and in the interest of spreading the wealth, I used the first two tunes on both their lists. A suggestion also came in from, I believe, Biggby Coffee CEO and co-founder Bob Fish, whom I'm assuming could get any song he wanted played in his stores, but I enjoyed his suggestion and had room for one more reader-submitted song.
In choosing my personal picks, I tried to go with artists whom I love but that are still relatively unknown. I already tend to plug them fairly regularly on this blog, but I figure they can use all the exposure they can get. It was hard narrowing my options down to just five songs.

As a result of all the different input, this list is all over the map, from '80s jazz-pop to traditional folk to indie rock. I'm also not sure how closely it adheres to the "standards for energy and fun" that I was told the songs would have to meet in order to be considered.

Here are the songs coming (pending approval) to a coffee shop near you:

1. "New Soul," Yael Naim (suggested by "brklynjxn")

2. "Tessellate," Tokyo Police Club (suggested by "brklynjxn")

3. "Promises," Basia (suggested by Shelly from Grass Lake)

4. "One Night in Bangkok" from "Chess," Murray Head (suggested by Shelly from Grass Lake)

5. "Atlas," The Wood Brothers (suggested by "BiggbyBob")

Hear the song at the band's official site.

6. "The Weight of Lies," The Avett Brothers

7. "Stump Speech," Great Lakes Myth Society (suggested by me)

stump speech - Great Lakes Myth Society

8. "Journey of the Featherless," Cloud Cult (suggested by me)

Hear the song at Hypem.com

9. "I'm Holding Out," The Reigning Sound (suggested by me)

Hear the song at Last.fm

10. "Oceans," The Format (suggested by me)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Perfect Blog Post

A nice post by Lynne Crandall... Click here to go to Lynne's BLOG Thanks for sharing :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008
Biggby Coffee on Marsh Road - An Okemos' Hot Spot

I have been going to Biggby Coffee on Marsh Road in Okemos for about 9 years since I live close by. I had always noticed it is a bit of a hot spot for everyone, single or otherwise, to run in a grab a coffee and look over the other coffee drinkers - a bit of a singles hot spot.

And even when I'm traveling incognito and trying not to meet someone, I enjoy being able to go there and chat with friends getting coffee. It has improved a number of my holidays since on several Memorial Days, Labor Days, July 4, or any other holidays when it has been open, I appreciate having part of my daily routine in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Being a creature of habit, a quick trip to grab a cuppa java and a short chat with a friend I run into improves the whole holiday for me.

Today as I stepped in, I had to stop a minute before going up to the counter while one of the baristas asked me if I could wait until he took the picture of a small group of merry travelers who had stopped in. Actually it was two couples who looked to be around mid 40's to 50 somethings and a few friends. They looked like they may have just dropped off children to start at MSU, they were that happy, beaming and laughing.

"Just a minute... photo op," he said, and I stepped to the side while he clicked away at the giggling group who posed as he said "Cheese".

It is owned by Jane and Joseph O'Connor, who must have a terrific in-house hospitality training program. I called one day and got her on the phone for something else. Since I had a golden opportunity, I asked Jane what she was doing to train her staff so well. She laughed and said she didn't know. I told her whenever I come into get my iced soy latte, from the moment I hit the door, the staff practically stands at attention ready to execute my every desire. The first couple times it happened, starting last January or February, I was startled, then I caught on to the fact that someone over there really stepped up the hospitality training. I must admit, it feels great to have someone who actually cares what I want, other than my cat, who takes me with a grain of salt.

I usually just stop in for a moment and grab an iced soy latte, but it has become a moment in my day I look forward to. Before the gas and economic crisis and the demise of the auto industry made their mark on Michigan, it seemed that it was the hot spot for singles to meet, or at least get a chance to buzz in and grab a quick look around at who else is there. Maybe I just don't get there at the same time I used to, but it seems that may have calmed down.

Its been a busy place since it has become a popular spot for friends and groups to meet and talk from early in the morning until the late afternoon. The coffee is always good and the service is getting even better. The tins of tea always intrigue me, especially the one with Lavender in the tea, or the hot cinnamon and spice. I occasionally buy a travel cup or a mug or some unique tea. In the cooler weather, the fireplace has given me hours of warmth when I sit in front of it and drift off into my my thoughts while watching the flames.

The outdoor tables are under one of my favorite pine trees in the area, although it told me today, when I was practicing my Celtic art of talking to trees (I'm Irish, Scottish, and Welsh) that it might like to be pruned of a few dead branches. I won't say it answers all my questions right away, but I stop back regularly to see if it gives me anymore insights. It has a different take on things than the old Willow trees at Ferguson Park that were there from the time when Chief Okemos held pow wow's with area war chiefs. The Native Americans have a lot of good things to say about the energy of trees and from what I can tell, they're all true. Even the poet Rilke gave the trees a starring role in one of his poems with the line,"and I, whispering away above you like a Linden bough."

Ah, I digress, but I did warn you that I'm Irish, so that bardic tradition is to be expected and anyway, Biggby's Coffee shop gives me hours of pleasure when I take my laptop and wax eloquent and get lost in my writing in front of the fireplace or out on the table under the pine tree. May its coffee shop tradition continue and may it ever be so.

Biggby Coffee (formerly Beaners Coffee) located at 4756 Marsh Rd
517- 853-9918

Monday, September 1, 2008

An Evening at Biggby

Stockton makes his debut...another plushie that has been following the adventures of Nigel. Well I guess it looks like Nigel is just having too much fun...and it's true...I have a cousin of Nigel called Digby and he often joins me on the road and helps me with interviews!

The B Happy Truck !

The B Happy Truck !
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Another siting of the B-Happy truck...this time in Ann Arbor on Washtenaw (a coupla blocks off of US -23.) I love this truck!