Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unemployment numbers in...Cowabonga!

BIGGBY has so much to be thankful for...happy people, fun times, and great coffee....but I had a Holy-cow moment this Friday! I was meetin' with Bill Ewing of Baremans Dairy(pronounced Bar-Mans not Bearmans :)) ...and he gave me the new official count... 153, yep that's right up 50%, last year we kept 100 cows busy 3 times a day, 365 days a year...and this year that jumped to 153, unbelievable!

I guess the thing to remember is that when you go to a BIGGBY COFFEE it's not just the shop that benifits...many, many, many other businesses do too...and our Dairy Farmers are a great example...Thanks BAREMANS....I'm really mooved!


Some at the Corporate Office throwing down for the Holiday!

You gotta see it to believe it!

The Top Brass

Nothin' but trouble

Remember ...Have fun, B-Happy, Make Friends, Love People.... and Make Great Coffee

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charlotte, MI.....go Gail !!!!

This was my last stop of the day...and I'm glad I had a chance to stop by.

Gail was a little shy and not much of a media hound...and really didn't want to be interviewed. But Gail is the real deal...she had a fun interviewing method for her staff (could be considered cruel and unusual) but it sounded fun to me!

I had a coupla' fellow tweeters follow me here to this location and we had a chance to say was a great meet you 'fingerscrossed' :)

Gail and her family have been workin' hard and I just got word that they did near 500 cups their first day (WOW!) ...but after you listen to Gail you'll know why:)

Pick one and we got it!

I went to Shelby Township after Utica ('bout ten minutes away)...Dave owns the store (and I chatted with him an' Bob for about 1/2 and hour, we solved all the automobile company issues, then Bob explained why my FLEX slides in the snow when I ride solo) anyway, I met Danielle and she was doin' an awesome job...ust watch!

And more outdoor!


...high effort, but needs work :)

90,000 cars...Utica Opening!

Utica was the first of three stores I visited today that had their Grand Opening. Joe is the owner..and he was a busy guy today, I managed to grab Jamie instead for a few moments and she talked a little about the staff, marketing, and the BIGGBY WAY!

Her favorite drink...a mocha mocha woth soy and orange...whew!

ROI -- Return On Invovlement

This came across our feedback page and represents the kind of people in BIGGBY and the impact they have on people, real people, isn't it time?

I bought some gift cards from Costco for both of my children. I enjoy the trips to BIGGBY and the day we headed down to the Ann Arbor hospital we stopped at the cafe on 28th street in Grand Rapids and the nice young lady there took one look at me and said you need this treat and bless her she gave me the Caramel drink. I offered to pay but she said no. Not may people or businesses care about their customers like that.

Monday, December 15, 2008


And speaking of HOCKEYTOWN....I'll be in the Metro area tomorrow visiting a coupla' BIGGBY store openings....and then back up to Charlotte later in the day :)

I'll buy if you find me there...follow me on and I'll let you know where I am going and when I'll get there :)

Congrats to:

Dave Danyko
51185 VanDyke Road
Shelby Township MI 48316

Joe Butkovich
8771 Hall Road
Utica MI 48317

Jason Turner (later this week)
40027 Groesbeck Highway
Clinton Township MI 48035

Gail Atkins
504 Lansing Street
Charlotte, MI 48813

A part of the community

a snippet from the Lansing State Journal by Rachel S. Greco
Click here to go to full article

Trent said the family has been interested in opening a Biggby franchise for at least a year. Charlotte seemed primed for the business. "We see a lot of great things happening here and I wanted to be a part of that," he said. "We want to be a part of the community."

For her part, Gail wants to develop an understanding and relationship with loyal customers — something she witnessed first hand during her training at Biggby's headquarters.

"When I trained people were still in their car and the servers were already making their drink because they knew what they wanted," she said. "It's very much like when I was planning conferences and things like that. I knew people by name."

Mickey likes Biggby

Mickey likes Biggby
Originally uploaded by coonjamm
The ambassadors of BIGGBY COFFEE reach everywhere!

Real people....loyalist, spreading the word...about the BIGGBY WAY :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Power of Pink

'Course I often get to be the public face of BIGGBY COFFEE...but I want to go on record that there is nothing I have done, that I could have done alone.
BIGGBY COFFEE has the for the last thirteen years been successful (without a doubt) because of the strength of the people (partners, franchisees, employees, vendors, and customers) that make up the world of BIGGBY COFFEE.

Our success is made up of the cumulative effort of real people...People who are strong, positive, determined, full of hope, and want the best for everybody they meet.

That's you Mary, Thankyou :)

A PINK profile By Taylor Mallory Click here for the full article

Roszel, who raised two children by herself while working, getting two college degrees and starting her company, shares her company's success secrets.

PINK: What is the biggest challenge you're dealing with right now?
Mary Roszel: People perceive that the economy will negatively affect their business and finances. In difficult times like these, you concentrate on making sure that your customers are getting the best possible service. The key is to reinforce your values and marketing. There's no point in standing in the back room wringing your hands. Get out there and talk to people. Find out what your customers want.

PINK: You went to school, worked and raised two children on your own. How did you balance all that?
I've had a lot of support. I didn't have any money when I moved to Lansing [Mich.] to get my paralegal degree. I was standing at the bus stop with 10 cents to my name when one of my instructors pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. I told him I was trying to find a job. He asked if I typed. I said yes, which I would have said even if I couldn't. I started working for him at the Michigan Supreme Court part time, got my degree, worked my way up and was there for 13 years. Neighbors would help with the kids until I got home from work at 5:30. Now I reach out and help other women like people have helped me. I provide some scholarships to single parents and contribute to the Women's Center of Greater Lansing, a support group for women looking for employment.

PINK: What's your best advice for other professional women?
Take risks. If you try something and it doesn't work, what's the worst thing that can happen? You have to get another job. People who are afraid to take risks are never going to own their own company. That's OK. That's just not me.

I also make sure I have a lot of personal time to myself. I don't need to take home a bag of things to do every night or on the weekend. You need to refresh yourself, get exercise, get out and help in the community. Take care of yourself. If your health is gone, you're not going to help yourself or others.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't like beer?

Stumbled across this blog entry by Steph Go to pun intended

Have some alternative hockey beverage options:

The Red Wings have joined forces with a college kid's two best friends - booze and caffeine. Granted #8 and #5's attachment is a little more classy than your average undergrad's method of indulging...

Biggby Coffee, formerly Beaner's, which holds a dear place in my heart as the coffee shop I'd always stop at on my way in to my former job while in college at the bleary hour of 7 am (those were the days), has also decided to partner up with the Red Wings and offer a new "Number 5 Latte" in honor of the Wings' Nicklas Lidstrom. There's no word on what is actually in the drink - the closest Biggby comes to a description is the promise that "THIS ESPRESSO BASED DRINK WILL BE A SLAP SHOT TO YOUR TASTEBUDS" - but if you stop in to any Biggby location on a game day wearing Wings gear you can get a dollar off the "super cup size" and try it out for yourself! Coffee and hockey? How could it be bad?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Yep, I am a little amazed myself, but it looks like we are going to open 4 new stores on the same day! December 16th I will be challenged to go to them all....Yowzaa! Three in the metro Detroit area (Utica, Clinton Township and Shelby Township) and one in the Lansing area(Charlotte.)

Pictured on the right is the Charlotte store gettin' promo-ed by the Mayor...nice job guys!

I'll stop by all the stores for sure, and while I'm visiting in each one I'll buy...I am not sure yet the order in which I will visit them :) ....but I'll let'ya know in real time on Twitter...see you there!

Monday, December 8, 2008

B - PROUD! BIGGBY COFFEE -- Founded and Grounded in Michigan

So I received so many comments about this blog by Mark Gilman...I just had to post it.

I appreciate it to no end as somebody who hears it every day!

I mean we've been lucky as all get-out posting better same store sales growth than any of our competitors (chain and independents alike)...and I've been wonderin' why? ...but then, I don't have to look shops are local...they are the community, the back yard that we used to talk to our neighbors in. I've been out there doin the SPOT BOB thing...and I hear this over and over again..."I'm comin' here because your local, from Michigan, it's a good story, I want to support you!"

Warms my heart to hear stuff like this, because I know people wouldn't keep coming unless we were as just as good or better than anybody else...and we are better, just so you know :)! And...I know if people have a choice between approxiamate equals, but one company profit goes away to some other City and State and the other stays in the community...Well I think it's smart to keep it local and in the community.

'Course we have stores outside of the state too, but the thing about BIGGBY COFFEE is we are 100% franchised...what does that mean? Well to me it means that it's always local ownership (the franchisee)...and if it's always local ownership the money always stays in the community. it's the perfect model, ya'know?

Thanks Mark, for making the point and making the are representing a lot of people out there!

Sometimes you just have to save yourself ......

Posted by Mark Gilman at Monday, December 08, 2008 Read it on Mark's Blog

While everyone continues to look to the federal government to rescue our beleaguered state - I think it's high time we started looking inward. The Governor believes that Obama's economic stimulus package is somehow going to find its way to Michigan. Seriously. That's her plan for getting the state out of its economic tsunami (as my friend John Ziraldo likes to refer to it).

One thing we could all do immediately is start backing our friends and neighbors by watching what we purchase and whose services we use. It goes deeper than buying American cars (which is a necessity). It goes to the very heart of supporting our friends and neighbors in our purchases. Case in point - Biggby.

Born and raised in East Lansing, Biggby franchises (formerly the politically incorrect "Beaners") are not only owned by a number of former auto engineers, supplier executives and folks who've cashed out of the auto and manufacturing industry to try something new, (and for some, a last hope) but the company itself uses only Michigan vendors. Now that's refreshing. They're also popping up all over the place and one of the few franchise success stories around.

Now let me first state that I have two real vices left - cigars and coffee. I've been a Starbucks addict for decades, but frankly have grown tired of having my money go to the corporate shirts in Seattle. Now, don't get me wrong, Seattle is a fine, wet city with its own economic issues, but I live in Michigan and so do the people I care most about. And while frankly, Biggby coffee is not nasty enough for me, (a'la Starbucks) it is a good cup of joe (especially when they roll out their Michigan Cherry, which I've begged the corporate folks to make available more than once a week) and a little cheaper and for crying out loud, supports those same people I care most about (and you).

This is just one example of a small way you and I can help this state, without a government handout. If we continue to buy online for stuff made in China, avoid the local franchisees and entrepreneurs in Michigan, shop at the national chains and buy foreign cars - we deserve what we get. If you're unsure who is based where - check out the membership list of local chambers or - just ask. Restaurants, coffee shops, clothes stores, hardware, etc. - they all have examples of Michigan-based entrepreneurs pulling and holding onto the purse strings.

One big economic mess, one small step for Michigan's future. It adds up.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Spirit...

...and team spirit, and local pride...and the BIGGBY WAY.

These guys got it all, and will be opening soon...I'll be there!

....and a can of whiiip cream!

A shout out to the Mason store for their rendition of '12 Days of Christmas' ...Barista Style! 'Course it was taken on a cell phone and they plan on doin' the video (and when it happens I'll do an update, K?)

Until then have some fun :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cindy -- Off Duty

Talk about team spirit...this store has got it...and Cindy is a great example. I was just pullin' flaps, when she came in...I chatted with her for a bit and thought 'I gotta interview her'...there was so much positive chi, ya'know? If she were workin' for me, I mighta' just given her a raise right on the spot...but that one is not for me to decide:) But after calling the Pat and Dana...'perfect'...ya never know, it might just happen, you decide :)

A Guy, guy...

Well, I feel lucky sometimes ya'know? I've gotten to know so many good people in this coffee world, and Guy (who owns Cadillac Coffee) is one of those folks.

Smart, kind, generous...a real gentleman, always workin' to do the right thing. I like Guy and he has been a good business friend...and that doesn't always happen, and it's not always that easy...but Guy makes it easy, and I appreciate it, Thanks Guy! ...and thanks for droppin' by, it means a lot to me :)

Peter the Great!

I was down in Roseville today for Spot Bob...and the minute I walked in at 7:59am...there he was, Peter, with the biggest of smiles! I so appreciated his enthusiasm...and at first I thought he was a customer, but then I quickly learned he was a BIGGBY staffer, even better, ya'know? Anyway a man of many talents and some great thoughts...just listen!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BIGGBY gives....Again :)

Another lesson on ROI...Return on Involvement

Pinckney Newsletter Points of Interest Go to the original blog

Scholastic Book Fair
December 4th - December 16th

Festival of Trees and Lights
Tuesday, Dec 9th at 6pm in the school Atrium

Come, visit, and cast your penny vote for your favorite tree.
Each tree will display work created by the students based on a book or author.
Please join the PTA on Tuesday Dec 9th for a special Pinckney Tradition. It's our annual Festival of Trees & Lights. This year's theme is "Your Favorite Author" or "Book". Each class will decorate a tree providing information on their author or book of their choice. Once again we will have the Penny Vote. Let your children bring their pennies and vote on their favorite tree. Cookies and Hot Chocolate provided by Publix and BIGGBY.
Entertainment provided by the 4th grade.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tony & Andrea engaged at BIGGBY COFFEE 11-26-08

Tony & Andrea
Originally uploaded by B-Happy Lounge
Tony and Andrea....congratulations! ...on your engagement :)

This continues to happen at BIGGBY COFFEE...engagements and weddings...and it couldn't make me more happy!

I remember the first time this happened at the first BIGGBY location back in 1996, and it made me so proud that people would meet, fall in love, get engaged, and get married all at BIGGBY just validates how people think of us as part of their community!

many xoxo's for your future :)

Go Mo Go !!

A compilation put together by Mohamed Elfakir...he and his partners in the Westland BIGGBY are awesome! I watched the interview and he covers so many of the great things about BIGGBY COFFEE....these guys understand the BIGGBY WAY!

The World's Worst Band!

Daman (franchisee extraordinaire)reappears again, this time off duty, but representing the BIGGBY Brand with his BIGGBY head-band....but this is defiantly no 'head band' :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of Fun at Biggby... next stop my Alma Mater!

Just what I like to hear! (something fun!)

a follow up to an earlier Tara Michener
see the full blog story by author


It was great to see many of you at Biggby Coffee yesterday for the Storytime & signing event. Lots of kids colored their own interpretation of Janelle (the main character of "Who I am not what I am"). I will be posting those photos on this blog in the near future. Some people added glasses to the sketch of Janelle and others gave her blond hair. I had lots of fun with this activity because everyone gave a unique quality to Janelle. This emphasizes the fact that the world is full of great people who all have different qualities. At the end of the event the wall was covered with the same photo but all of them were unique. I hope that this blog reinforces that being different from others is normal and it is ok if you are the only one in your class with glasses or braces. It's also fine if you don't have the newest clothes or the most friends. What is truly important is your attitude and the way you treat people and yourself. Being kind to others is a quality that makes you more attractive than a complete makeover from a well-known store. Loving yourself is great because you are special and you should be proud of that.