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This just in -- Another ROI story @ BIGGBY COFFEE in Southfield :)

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Biggby Coffee held an open house for the Urban Art students last week. Their pictures were displayed for a week where customers could vote for their favorite.

The shop also donated $1.00 per drink over a 4 hour window. At the end of the week, the Urban Art students from City Mission were honored at an open house in the store. They were given a free drink and presented with awards. We had a great time and give a huge shout of thanks to Biggby!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

This just in -- from Joe... @ Lk Lansing across from Eastwood

Hi Bob-

I just had to message you tell you about the experience I just had @ the Biggby referenced above. I stopped in to pick up a coffee for my wife and myself. I walked in the door at (according to my watch) 8:58 tonight. I fully expected to get the "sorry, we just closed" line. I didn't. Not only that, when I apologized for being "that guy" who pulls in two minutes before closing time they responded, "technically, it three minutes to, so you have plenty of time." The two on duty were very friendly despite my last minute order.

Bob, I worked in the service biz in college and I can tell you that wouldn't have been my response back then. Those two treated me like I was their first customer of the day, not their last.

I thought you'd like to know.

Have a great holiday.


This just in -- Another ROI story @ BIGGBY COFFEE in Charlotte :)

On Sunday May 17th, Charlotte Police Chief Bill Callahan was our guest barista for the afternoon. During his two hours with us we donated 50% of our profits to Camp Frances, a self funded local park donated for use by the local girls and boy scout groups.

It was a great community event and we were able to raise $200 . The annual budget for the camp which has a log cabin with kitchen and dining hall is about $1300/annually. Attached is a picture of us handing out the check to board members including Chief Callahan.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Joe -- BIGGBY Franchisee Utica -- the real deal :)

This just in -- South Lyon BIGGBY has a 'Dynamic Trio' :)

Wake up and smell Biggby Coffee (click title)

Coffee drinkers in South Lyon looking for their fix now have another business to choose from.

Biggby Coffee, which is located in the same building that once housed Arby's, celebrated its grand opening on May 5.
During the grand opening week, the coffee shop gave out free brewed coffee that the owners said rivals Starbucks and Caribou.
“We think Biggby is the best, and we have nothing like it in town,” said co-owner Vipen Khetarpal.
Khetarpal owns the franchise with his son Nishant, and also is aided by general manager Ray Loomis. Nishant and Loomis will be at the coffee shop every day, and their goal is to great a family atmosphere.
Along with an outdoor patio, the business also has a drive-thru for the on-the-go customer.
“People want to have that for their coffee,” Vipen said.
Besides serving the hot and cold coffee and specialty drinks, Biggby also has a selection of cookies and pastries, fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, bagel sandwiches, salads and wraps.
Vipen said they are looking forward to supporting the community and being part of it for a long time.
“Customers should expect high quality coffee, a timely response and a friendly smile all the time,” he said.
Biggby, located on Pontiac Trail just north of Nine Mile Road, will be open Monday-Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (248) 437-2011 ext. 255

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Oral Pleasures

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Best Coffee House: BIGGBY COFFEE

Forget the bitter taste of some joints, homegrown BIGGBY COFFEE has the most rich and full blends of java around. They’re unique and quality blends of house coffee are the perfect way to start the morning or reenergize your mid-afternoon caffeine need.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This just in -- Another ROI story @ BIGGBY COFFEE

Biggby Coffee and an Art Show

I am so excited for next week. Biggby Coffee is hosting an art show for my Urban Art kids! A manager for Biggby over heard my mom talking about Urban Arts in his store one day and approached her with a fund raising idea. I gave him a call not too long ago and it's now a reality!

From May 18-24, Biggby Coffee in Southfield, MI (the one on Evergreen Rd.) will be showing my City Mission Urban Art students work. The kids have been working on projects since January and have five fabulous pieces each to show. Now here's the even cooler part:) On Thursday, May 21 from 5-7pm and Sunday, May 24 from 1-3pm, Biggby is donating $1.00 for every drink sold. I will be behind the counter helping out (probably as the whip cream girl) and promoting our program. The kids will come in on Sunday afternoon and see their art, be awarded by Biggby and given free drinks!

I'm so grateful that the Lord continues to show me creative ways to expand and promote Urban Arts!

If you're local come on by during those four hours and support the cause!

Tori - Owosso - Softball and BIGGBY COFFEE

Softball playback, ya'gotta smile :) or just click the paragraph...

Chris Gervat led off the game with a double and Lauren followed with a hit to score him. From there, we rattled off a number of hits, including two in a row by Tori Steingreaber, owner of the Biggby Coffee in Owosso (stop in for a tall Mocha Caramel this week and tell em Jase sent ya!), and me to score a few more. We followed the onslaught of hits with a rocky first inning in the field, but managed to escape giving up just one run. After one, it was 7-1.

Just one is enough, ya'know? Biggby Bob :)

a note from my facebook account...

Hi Bob,
My son and I attended the LCC graduation. My 15 year old son really enjoyed your speech and asked how he could get a copy of it. The next day I picked him up from his mother's house and he looked at me and said, "Dad, I've decided to have a good day today. Just like Biggby Bob suggested."
Whatever you can do would be appreciated.
Take care, Rob

Go to LCC TV ff to past the middle :)

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Ann Arbor -- Just a Cool place 2B -- BIGGBY

Makin' friends -- Old and New

BIGGBY -- Reaching New Heights

Thanks Heather,

She dropped by the Washtenaw a2 BIGGBY 'SPOT BOB' and gave me this picture and her cup....sure made me feel like we were on the top of the world, ya'know?

If you want to know more about Heather and her climbing adventures go to: Of Global Interest and Experience the World