Thursday, February 28, 2008


I slide into Jackson about 11:30...127 South sorta dead ends there...I went past the shopping center and hung a right on Monroe....1 more block, took a left and there they were. I was excited about gettin' there (it's been a while), I strolled in and the feel was good... a couple of people were sitting in front of the fireplace....I was kinda jealous....I was still cold from my stop in Holt, and coulda used some of that raw flame, ya'know?

When I walked in though, there was nobody at the cash register (that's a little bit of a 'cardinal sin' in our system)...but then before you knew it Denise blew out of the back....she was so apologetic, that I started feelin' bad, for thinking that it wasn't good, that nobody was up front.

Well we got over that moment, and everything was perfect from there on out. I found a corner that had a plug, with a good sight line of the door and the counter....'course they have (free) most of our stores's a requirement for a road warrior :)

No sooner did I boot up, than in walks Matt...he was on the phone, but when he saw me, his jaw about dropped and he told the person he was talking to that "one of the founders of BIGGBY was sitting in the dining room, and he had to go" ....Unnecessary, I hope it wasn't the Governor.

Anyway we had a good time chatting for a while, and then in comes Brandon....he joined us, and we all talked a little business. The whole time people were coming and seemed like they knew everybody. There was a short lull, and I managed to get a shot of Matt, Denise, and Aaron (he has been on staff for about two years....Denise is Matt's wife)

Aaron, Denise, and Matt

I was just about ready to 'pull flaps' when a couple of guys strolled up to the table....asking if I was one of the founders....they were big guys, so I hesitated for a moment, and said yes....They broke out into big smiles and earthy handshakes.....and then took the time to tell me how much they liked this store...they come in a couple of times a day. Rick and Harvey are like a lot of our customers....they come for interaction with people who care. When you think about it, there are a lot a places to get a cup of coffee in this world...but it's hard to find a place where somebody knows your name and cares about how your day is goin'. One of these guys lives in DeWitt and goes to Deb's store all of the time....the other lives in Stockbridge and said there are two coffee shops there...but that they just don't get it.

Rick Snellenberger and Harvey Morrell (Primo BIGGBY customers!)They love our shops....they love the 'Caramel Marvel' and one of them (I won't say which) loves the 'Teddy Bear'.....but can't bring himself to say "I'll have a Teddy Bear" out loud....he suggested we come out with a drink called the 'Grizzly Bear' instead....I'll forward this one to the office....they gotta know real men don't drink 'Teddy Bears.' It was great to meet these guys, they sat down with me and we talked about everything from German restaurants to Dart Container was a good time. They had to get going, but they let me take a picture before they went, we had a good time...and I appreciated the fact that they took a moment out of their day to tell me how much they love this concept and the people that they meet in it....they didn't know it but I was thinking the same thing about them, ditto guys, and thanks!

On my way to Jackson....

Well yesterday I was a little wrapped up with Discovery Day (I'll tell you about that some other time) and didn't officially get out to a BIGGBY Store. This morning I woke up with an was time to go to Jackson and visit my friends Brandon and Ansel, they opened March 14th 2005...that's one day before our first locations anniversary day, March 15th....they set the record at that time as the best opening day huh?

I wasn't but a mile on the road and I remembered that Will (he ownes a BIGGBY COFFEE on South Cedar) was starting to swing hammers at a location he was opening in's right off 127 south, so I thought I would gamble that somebody would be there, so that I could check out the progress. He has a great spot right downtown Holt.....people have been asking me when it's gonna open... not long now:)

Doug Stewart and Chris Everitt

I drove up and there was Doug Stewart (he has built a couple of locations out)....when I walked in he kinda gave me the "can I help you sir" line....he probably thought I was an inspector or somthing...he recognized me when I turned around though....and gave me a big smile! The location is in what they call the 'white box' moves pretty quickly from here....Will should be happy with the progress at this point.

My feet started getting a little cold, there still wasn't heat in the place...'Consumer Power' is slow in gettin' their hook-up on site (can anybody help us on that?)......brrr, I was looking forward to getting back in the car....I considered getting back on 127 south, but instead I decided to head down Hwy 36, takes you right into Mason (5 miles down the road), Lori (another franchisee) is working on a site there at the Mason State's got great visibility and great windows...I can't wait to sip my first cup there.....Lori and her clan have been wanting to put a coffee shop in Mason for some time, they have been patient...but I would say things are moving in the right direction. Speaking of right direction....I better get on to Jackson....I hope to catch either Brandon or Matt there....check back and I'll tell you all about it.

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Update Mt. Pleasant

Hey Mike Densmore....nice article on!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just In --- Owosso

This comment just came in.......

"Yo Bob ... why isn't there a Biggby Coffee in Shiawassee County? I've got a great location for you ... Owosso. Baker College is there and there are a ton of coffee starved Owosso and Corunna ite's who would like nothing more than to spend there days hanging around the coffee shop, or grabbing a cup of best before heading to work."

Funny you should ask...we have had Owosso on our minds for some time, and I was pretty sure we signed a franchisee in that I picked up the phone to check with Sandy Green, our resident real estate guru....and after a little chit chat he told me that we already secured a location there, but that it was top secret! We struck a deal, but it needs to stay on the QT for now, but suffice it to say that the folks in both Owosso and Corunna will be happy!

For those of you that don't know Owosso splits the difference between Lansing and Flint on I-69...much like Ionia does between Lansing and GR.....Owosso has a famous castle for those that don't know....I found it on the WIKI ....Curwood Castle is a must see if your in the neighborhood....

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Grand Rapids

Tim Hoffman one of the many owners in GR just dropped me a line about how last night went, here is what he said.....

"Every BIGGBY in town was packed full. At Store 180 there was a 15 minute wait outside the store to get in, as well as a very, very long line at drive thru."

" It was phonemonal to see customers talking with each other, laughing, and enjoying the experience. "

"I believe people were very blown away that we would offer free drinks with a smile on our face and tell them we appreciated their business."

As you can tell, it was an exciting night....and customers were jumping in with both feet. We love what we do at BIGGBY COFFEE, and we love sharing it with those that haven't had the chance to experience it(yet)....check this link out from channel 13 for more story and photos .......

And yet another story...

Some commentary from Advertising Age...

BIGGBY COFFEE -- East Lansing on Grand River

Behold Whitney! Ran into her last night she works at the Michigan Athletic Club (the MAC)....I went there for a quick run....I prefer to run outside, but when the snow gets above my ankles, I take a pass. Instead I hit the MAC (5 times around the track makes a mile) that's fifteen times around for three miles, a little boring, but I bring music (it helps.) Whitney spotted us with some B-logo stuff on, and had to let us know that she is a regular at the 24/7 location....the original store, for those that don't know. She is an MSU photo journalism student and lives right behind the store. Basically she can't start her day without stopping into that store, and apparently the East Lansing location has been the subject of many a photo journalism project for her. The baristas there have gotten used to her stopping by and snapping some impromtu photos much so that when they see her coming they don't know whether they should start her drink or make sure their hair looks good! Anyway thanks Whitney...and send me some of those photos....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well from Ionia I did dive into GR (it's only about 25 miles away) to check out the buzz from the newspaper article this morning...I stopped in several stores and had a chance to chat with a couple of operators, everybody was digging the positive vibe commin' out. We serve our customers everyday with a smile and now we had the opportunity to impress some new people, who on an average day, might not give us a shot....

I still have a few more thoughts on Ionia though....Luke is the one that made that beautiful drink....I had a chance to chat with MaryAnn before I left and she told me that he has taken a lot of pride in his work and he has been working on his 'caffe latte art'...let me just say again...thanks, it made my day!

MaryAnn and Doug were working the store....boy she is one fired up woman! I think she got five things done this morning before I had my first cup of coffee. She had even been to our home office in East Lansing, getting more mugs for her retail display.....I guess they been flying off the shelves there in Ionia. Before I blinked she ran to the back and got something else to show me, and then before I knew it she was dragging me to the back of the house to show me a chart on her cup counts for the month of Feb...
You can see she has marked it for everyday of the week....let me tell you how I look at this....this is all about the can't get all worked up about something as dull as cup counts (and getting your staff wrapped up in it too) without being single mindedly focused on a great customer experience....just look at Luke's efforts (you know I'm comming back for more of that art.) MaryAnn's got it....she got the energy and the personality....this is what it's all about!


Guess what? I just got off the phone with Tim Barker (he and his family own more than a few BIGGBY COFFEE stores in GR) ...he was very excited cuz' all the Grand Rapids BIGGBY cafes are on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press!

Apparently Starbucks is closing this evening for some extra training and the Grand Rapids BIGGBY clan is making sure everybody knows that their open.

Here is a map of all BIGGBY can drill down on the ones in GR.,-86.396484&spn=15.514228,29.619141&z=5&om=1


So I am sitting in the Ionia location, it's owned by MaryAnn Coleiro.....when I came in I trotted right up to the Barista (he greeted me right away...but he didn't know who I was. He took my order for a double short latte, and made the most beautiful drink, check it out.....see the heart? This is called 'caffe latte art' and not everybody does it, but when it happens you feel really special and like somebody cares behind the counter....beautiful!

White Out or Wipe Out?

Good Morning!

When I was planning the week I was going to head to Detroit today....but I woke up to another snow storm.....and can I say that.....I am soooo over Winter. So like a ship in a storm, I decided to head straight into the weather....that means I am headed to Grand Rapids instead. You have to understand that the decision is based a little more on how people drive in Metro Detroit, than the actual offense but it's a little more aggressive than most places and I am not quite ready to cash in my life insurance policy yet.

But, just as I was patting myself on the back for my brilliant choice....I had to slam on the brakes, to get by a truck pile up....the police were just pulling back apart. I-96 can be that way with blowing snow and such....and this isn't the first time that I have come across this between Lansing and GR. Thank goodness for ABS, by the time I collected myself again...I was coming up on the exit to HWY 66...takes you to Ionia.....home of the Ionia Free Fair one of the coolest Fairs I have ever been to. Ionia is great because it is almost dead center the distance between Grand Rapids and Lansing, and so a lot of family's live here...and the husband works in one direction, and the wife in the other.

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Clinton Township

Good Morning,

I meant to tell you, while I was on the road yesterday I got a phone call from Ahmed who owns store #218 on Hayes Road in Clinton Township. He is a very dynamic person that has not let much in life get in his way, and like many of our operators he has this positive energy....that just radiates out of him. Anway he has been struggling with the local township because he turned an ugly cinder block wall on his outdoor patio into a mural.... watch the Detroit Fox News story....;jsessionid=C28BBA35B836BDF465B1E2AD4F6713E3?contentId=5846306&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

He used local artists from a nearby school and they have really took ownership of the project...but the township wants to fine him a $1,000 or put him in jail. A little extreme don't you think? Especially in a State with a faltering economy, and many business struggling to stay open. This has been typical in many parts of this State, where we face economicly burdensome rules and regulations (not laws) on our stores....It strikes me that not everybody in local goverment has figured out yet that the 'gravy train' we call the auto industry has 'left the station'...and the rest of us just can't live under the old ways of doing looks like the auto industry couldn't either. Well enough preaching....if you get a chance stop by Ahmeds store it's located at 40740 Hayes in Clinton Township and show him some support, he deserves it!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Well I was heading out of the Kalamazoo location and going home when I came across this customer at the just never know where your next customer is coming from. Her name is Sadie Hawkins....the owner of the dog said she always names her dogs for somebody famous on the day they were born. Sadie was born on Nov 13 ....and the owner said that made her name Sadie Hawkins...just to be sure I checked it out on the WIKI ....... and there it was...first reference was Nov 13th. We have a lot of customers that are dogs....I'm not sure why, but I think that dog owners that go to BIGGBY COFFEE are the dogs always want to go there....I'm sure it has nothing to do with the dog treats that some stores pass out :)

Well I jumped on I-94 and the trucks were everywhere....and I was getting the jitters dealing with them I decided that I would take a pause at our Marshall location....owned by Joe and Jane, I mentioned them earlier (they are working on getting a location in Battle Creek.) Well Jane is a retail Queen and I love her displays....she moves more BIGGBY Bears than anybody.

Marshall MI is a great town....and is famous for it's historic downtown as well the famous restaurant SCHULERS.... I know Larry Schuler from my board time at the Michigan Restaurant was his grandad that started the iconic place...they are also famous for something in your grocery store too...cheese, I am sure everybody has had some at some point in time.

Larry stops in the store every once in a while and let's me know whats going on, but I have no worries...Jane and the whole O'Connor clan are quintessential operators. You can always feel their exuberance whether they are there or not. As I mentioned before, they are working on more locations (this is their third).....but even with this many locations, it never seems to affect the quality of the f-factor that you find in their stores. What's the f-factor?....It's the fun-factor, and many operators talk about fun and energy....but there are few that execute it at the level that this family team does. You can feel Jane's personality though her employees and this store was no exception....Shelby was driving the ship and Chelsea was riding shotgun. There was a gentleman just ahead of me, as I walked in, and as often happens at BIGGBY COFFEE, Shelby knew his name and what he wanted to drink...(boy do I love when that happens!) Well this time I was actually running deep cover, and I sunk down into some of the soft chairs they got there. I looked around and saw mostly older couples, and what looked to me like a business meeting, everybody was enjoying the environent. There are some cozy nooks in this store, and it seemed like each couple had laid claim to their own.
Chelsea and Shelby
I was sitting right in front of the cash register area...and got a good view of everybody coming in...Shelby knew them all, I guess that might be the way it is in a smaller town, but what's nice to know is how well Jane's store has been recieved's a great reflection of her. I have another freind there by the name of Bill Traver (owns a consulting company )...he has been saying 'we need one in Marshall' for years...he has nothing but good things to say about this these guys.
Thanks are doing great!!!


So I pull into the Main Street store (we call it #151) it's just off the corner of N. Drake next to a ColdStone Creamery, a great spot. Of course you all know I try to go into these locations under cover....but my cover was blown in about 3 seconds. Fathy Shetiah, a co-owner of the store was sitting at a front table with this store manager Tina and also Morgan his store manager from their location on the Western Campus. I gotta give him credit though....he said hello and we made eye contact, but the baristas behind the line had no idea. Those guys behind the counter did an awesome would a thought they were serving the CEO of the company (the kinda service they were giving me) far as they knew I was just some Joe off the street....but it was beautiful, just beautiful. I ordered a double short latte, just the kind of pick up I needed. They were all over it and I felt great about my whole counter experience.

The A-Team.....Morgan, Fathy, and Tina

Ya'know? Everytime I go into a store, I try to find a thing or two that's not right....but these guys were really on top of it! Of course they had the A-Team on....two managers, an owner, and two Baristas (Emily and Lauren). Fathy is spending a little more time at this location because he wants to increase the energy in the store.....course I told him 'turn up the music!', ya can't help being energized if the music rockin'. I had a hard time concentrating, because people just kept comin' in, (I had a seat right by the door) this is a good afternoon spot, a lot like Mike Densmore's store up there in Mt. Pleasant. When your near a college like this ya have to remeber students stay up late, and they get up some times you won't see them till' after the sun comes up (wink). I took this shot as a whole group came in, in a flurry....

Looks like these guys were getting ready to take an exam on the menu....and they were going to memorize it quick. But the more I watched them...I realized they were just new customers....both Emily and Lauren handled them like's one of the things we do well at BIGGBY COFFEE....make the process easy. I mean there are all these funny names for drinks, and special terminology....and some cafes make you feel like a real dork if you don't know what your supposed to know....ya'know? Well it may have been their first time, but I can tell these guys are coming back! I have to hit the road again....but I am sure I'll be back to K-Zoo again....soon!

I'm Out there all right.....!

Good Morning,

So I started the day same as I usually do, checking emails in the morning, then I had to stop by the office to sign some checks, and meet with Austin (he helps Mary get all that design and build done)...he has been helping me with the sign conversion.....I am glad to say we are 92% done!

Before I left I popped my head into the training Center....and look what I saw, you guessed it another set of operators getting trained by Mr. Fabulous Jeremy DeRuiter. I know he is fabulous because his classes were just surveyed and on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, he had only 4 and 5' huh?

After I was done I hit the road on my way to K-ZOO, I swung through CHARLOTTE for some lunch...and I had to take a picture....we have an operator that wants to open in CHARLOTTE, and Lord knows enough people keep asking me when we're goin' to open one there.

Back on the road again (my ultimate goal is still Kalamazoo) but I have to pull over and do an interview for a prospective franchisee. This is somebody who has already filled out an application, been to a discovery day, has the financial where with all, and all that's left is an interview with the partners in the business. The goal of the interview is to make sure that somebody we are approving to become a franchisee has the same or similar set of 'core values' than we makes for an easy relationship when they do.

I took the opportunity to stop by a location in Battle Creek, that Joe and Jane O'Connor are considering. Joe and Jane have been super-duper operators and this would be their 4th store...I liked the spot (good local and good easy on/easy off)...they deserve the best!

The interview took about a half hour....I've still got twenty minutes of drive before I get to my destination...see you there!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the road...

Good Morning,

Just a little recap of the rest of my day yesterday....I had to hustle back to Lansing and stop by the office, then I was off to Toledo. I stopped by the Maumee location at around 6:30 but it was just a brief visit and I was totally mesmorized by the new sign..shining bright...
I was driving back at the very safe speed of 70 miles an hour...honestly I have gotten my share of tickets...and so it's not so much that I want to drive the speed limit, but that I have too. It was getting on about 7:30 and I was starving. I pulled over in Brighton MI to have a burger at Lu and Carls....while I was there I listened to a nice guy playing the guitar and singing in the corner you can check his website out at . But another funny thing happened, and it happens a lot....especially when wearing BIGGBY server used to be an employee at a BIGGBY COFFEE at location inside the library at K-college, her name was Tara Gravelyn....she said she loved working there and really respected the company and all that we accomplished. The world is a small place, because the President of the company Mike McFall is a graduate of KC (he is a trained economist).....that's part of the reason we have a location there.
TARA at Lu and Carls
It's always nice to run into people like happens to me all the time with customers and employees of BIGGBY COFFEE....they always have such nice things to tells me that we have to be doing something right, to positively impact so many peoples lives.

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Grand Rapids 28th Street

Before I left the store I said goodbye to Pete and Trevor (I meet him the other day during training)....I had to snap one more shot, because the place starting filling up was some kinda womderful.

Friday, February 22, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Grand Rapids 28th Street

Hey all,

While I was at my meeting in GR, Tim the co-owner of store #152 in Grand Rapids gave me a jingle and he invited me to drop by. I was kinda dissappointed cuz' thats the store I decided I was going to go to after my know, I wanted it to be a suprise. But I'm glad he wanted me to swing by too. They bought this location recently...and I had heard they were pumping some fun and energy into the place, but I was hardly prepared for what I saw. Man alive it was was about two o'clock in the afternoon and there must have been 10 people waiting for drink (and it's not because the baristas were moving slow either) and then a couple more deep at the cash register....I snagged a seat and didn't jump in the line right away....I just wanted to watch these guys operate for a while (Co-owner Pete was there too). These guys are friends as well as business partners....they are 'poetry in motion' to observe.

Brittany, Pete, and Andrea at 2:30pm....they just got done serving their 478 beverage.

They have been operating this store for only a couple of weeks.....but already everybody knows's somethin' else. I would like to bottle and sell the combined energy these guys exude...if your not happy after visiting this store then you don't have a pulse. If your ever in the area, you have to come here....if the coffee doesn't wake you up they will!!!!

Have fun guys....and for anybody lookin' for my next move I'll be in our Maumee OH location at about 6:30 tonight! See you soon.

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Home Office

Good Morning,

I started my day at home pounding through my early morning emails.....and after drinking a pot of coffee (mocha java), I figured it was time to get on down the road. I had a meeting with Mike McFall the President of the company, it was quick but I had to give him a few kudo's on the nice FREEP article yesterday. We also were talking about one of the next marketing campaigns.....all I can say about it is 'BOUNCE".....more details later.

I had to go to grand Rapids this morning to review some new products were rolling out, but on my way out of the office I caught this picture of Mary Roszel, and if you notice she is swimming in a sea of blueprints....their on her desk, on the floor, and on the wall. Ya gotta understand we have 73 stores under development besides the 87 open.....this is one busy lady. And if you have ever been in any of our stores you'll agree with me she does a great job. We get compliments every day for our store design and layouts. I came in and snapped this shot....but she shoo-ed me out in a hurry.....she had a meeting with another operator that was just getting started. Thanks Mary! I'm off to GR.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- East Lansing

Hello Everybody,

I stopped by a store located at Grand River and Hagadorn Roads in East Lansing.....we call it Store #4. This store is close to my heart because it was our first franchise location sold. It's about 2 miles from the original cafe...but the funny thing is, although it was the first franchise sold it wasn't the first one open....that goes to a location in Okemos, out by the freeway.

The original owner of store #4 was an employee of ours named Seth Berg....he was a student and he worked at the first location, when we started franchising in 1999 he was first in line. I have to take my hat off to some of those early franchisees....they signed up with a concept that had a total of two locations (not the world's biggest chain), but they believed in it, and they were the beginning of the franchise momentum we have today.

Anyway back to the store....steady, steady customer right after another. It's real mixed at this location, students, local residents, and business people all hanging out together (I love it).

There is a really dynamic thing going on at this cafe....Amanda who I just met for the first time is co-runnning the joint with another manager....and she is quite bubbly and enaging....she's not afraid to be in charge either. She is working with Nathan, and between the two of them they seem to know everybody! I guess they would have to, just to keep up with the traffic coming through the store. A little trick (if you don't already know it), baristas, like these guys, remember customers and their drinks, it's personal, and also it let's them get the jump on makin' the drinks.
Both these guys go to school (MSU), one is in prelaw the other is a dietician....boy thats admirable, having the gumption to work and go to school at the same time. Speaking as somebody who has done ain't easy!

Sheesh, I gotta sign off and let somebody else sit's crankin in here.

BIGGBY COFFEE article in the Detroit Free Press

What a way to wake up....excellent article by the FREEP...above the fold and very bold.

You have to admit too that's a nice shot of Mike McFall...our President.

BIGGBY Training Center

Good Morning!

As I was leaving my shift on the B-Heard Hotline...I stopped by our training center to see what was going on. Actually I already knew....because we had "new franchisees" trouping through the office all day, visiting with various support within the office, including Marketing and Design and Planning.

The Training Center serves a lot of purposes including test kitchen, but my favorite thing to see, is what you see in this picture....Education! The center is essentially a working cafe and the seating area is used for classroom learning. With 72 stores under contract you can imagine there are classes going on all the time...four different locations are represented here...

The bonding that happens with new operators that meet each other in class is wonderful...these are friendships and relationships that never leave them, and it is not unusual to witness a dialogue that goes on for years after this first class.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- B Heard Hotline

Good Morning,

I am back at the home office, here in East Lansing MI, and I have another shift on the B-Heard Hotline....I talked a little about what that is a couple of weeks ago.

I got a call from Mike Densmore in Mt. Pleasant first thing....he couldn't wait to tell me that they served over 500 beverages yesterday....Holy COW!!! Nice goin' Mike. I also talked to our operations guru (Tom Butz) last night and he had spent significant time with Mike on opening day...he told me that he was informally surveying customers and it turns out that seven in ten people had already been to a BIGGBY COFFEE before. Thats pretty amazing since there isn't a BIGGBY COFFEE anywhere near Mt. Pleasant...the closest two are in Galylord (2 hours North) and St. Johns (a half hour South). It just goes to show people how much people love what we do. That's all for now, but if your in Mt. Pleasant remember to stop by and see Mike!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- St Johns, Michigan

Running back from Mt. Pleasant and decided I was running a little low on I stopped at the BIGGBY cafe in St Johns. I ran into Ryan at the store, and even though I was wearing jeans and carrying my backpack, he busted me right away, with a 'hey Mr. Fish, hows it goin'..." So much for being under cover! I snapped this shot of him training two nice women Annie and Victoria. Annie told me that her Mom lives in Mt. Pleasant and that her Mom is really excited about the new store in Mt. Pleasant. Ya know, it doesn't matter where I go I run into BIGGBY lovers everywhere! It's snowing like crazy here...but that doesn't seem to slow any of our customers down...they've been running in and out of here like crazy.

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Mt Pleasant Opening

Hey All,

I am here in Mt. Pleasant on opening day (the day after Presidents Day) .....and it is cool!

Mike Densmore (the owner) is all fired up....yesterday they had a soft opening that produced around 300 customers. Today is the official opening and as I sit here I am watching customers come and go....the staff is excited and smiling....but more importantly so are the customers.

I ran into another operator that is still looking for property in Grand's nice to see the kind of support that operators show for each other.

I have been hoping for a location in Mt. Pleasant for a long time....we have so many people from the Mt. Pleasant area that come to all our other stores throughout's nice that they have one of their own. On a personal note (and slightly shelfishly so) I am glad to have this store and the Gaylord store to stop at so I can get my coffee fix all the way up North.

Monday, February 11, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- B Heard Hotline

Hey all, this morning I will be attending the B-Heard Hotline from 8am to 1pm.

Posted in every one of our cafes is a phone number that dials directly into the office. Everybody in the office takes a turn (shift) on this. I end up with about 3 shifts a month.

This idea was created by one of the partners of BIGGBY COFFEE....Mike McFall. The philosphy behind it is to create a direct link from the customers to the corporate staff. We don't want any ivory tower thinking in this office!!

On days that one answers the B-Heard is also responsible for attending the reception area. This includes answering the main line and directing people with appointments to where they need to go.

Again, this is to keep all levels of management and staff in tune with what is passing through the office on a day to day basis.

I think it also creates an enviorment where we understand that all jobs and work in this organization are important and meaningful.

The B-Heard hotline is for complaints and compliments and we get many of if you have a thought or two you woiuld like to share give us a call at 1-866-444-3909.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was just at the Maumee Ohio location this afternoon.

It was well staffed and they were attentive.

Procedurally they missed, never asked me for my frequency card, and never asked me if I wanted anything else....and never told me where I could pick my drink up.

These procedures are improtant to great customer service.

Position Priorities and PERC were not being fully utilized at this location....this is detrimental to a successful business.

Many marketing materials were outdated and wrong, there were handmade signs...very disappointing.

On a good note there was a brand new outdoor looked great!

This store will have difficulty being very successful.