Friday, February 27, 2009

Real ROI -- Return on Involvement !

Most business refer to ROI as Return on Investment ... we call it Return on Involvement :)

Dear Biggby Friends,

I sincerely thank you for your generous donations for the Special Olympics.

The “Polar Plunge” took place as scheduled, Sat. February 21, hign noon, Otsego Lake State Park, it was a huge turnout both for spectators and participants, the Law Enforcement Agencies that organized the event were absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people who participated, as this was a first time event for Gayl.ord. It was reported that around 11,000 dollars was raised by this event.

It truly was a very exciting event to participate in. No where near what I was anticipating, I recommend to anyone considering such an event “GO FOR IT” !!!! It was tons of fun and the water was warmer than the air temperature. The worst part was waiting for my turn to take my plunge, as it was a snowstorm.

At our Facebook site, Biggby-Gaylord, I have posted pictures from the plunge and the Gaylord Herald Times website ( has a slide show of pictures from the event. If you access the pictures, I am the partcipant adorned with Biggby Barista attire!!! (not the bikini) I even jumped with a promo mug in my hand. Keepin it all BIGGBY!!!!! (cuz they were my sponsor J)

Again, thank you all so much for you enthusiastic response and enabling my quest in life to be as wild and crazy as I can be, while still keepin it legel!!!!!!

Much BIGGBY love,
Barista Lady Di
From above the 45th

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trente -- the man

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shocked....Shocked I say!

Another...Fan for Life!

I relocated here from Seattle Wa and was a dedicated starbucks fan for years. When I first got here there were no starbucks but I saw a beaners and needed my caramel mocha grande fix. So I pouted as a drug myself inside and I was hoping it would be at least half as good as my very much missed starbucks. I was shocked and somewhat embarrassed to admit it was wayyyyy better than starbucks. Even though starbucks is now here in michigan I no longer go there. I never realized just how bitter their coffee was until I had it at beaners well now called biggby still getting use to that name change . Anyway awesome coffee !!!!! Fan for life!

GO LANSING (southside)!!

Eavesdropping leads to a kiss

Per wiki Eavesdropping is the act of surreptitiously listening to a private conversation... you-B the judge :) seriously a good story!

I overheard a conversation today while standing in line at the local grocery store and thought I would share it with you. The cashier was talking to the customer in front of me and telling her that today was her birthday. Apparently the cashier had been to Biggby earlier in the day and was telling the customer how important all the employees at this location always make her feel. The customer piped up and said "Oh, I know. They are just like family there. They always welcome you and make you feel special." The cashier agreed that yes, they are like an extended family and she always chooses to go to this location. THe customer asked the cashier if she made it to Biggby's on Valentine's Day because they were giving out kisses and that she enjoyed the whole experience. The cashier replied that she did not but was sorry she had missed it. I believe her next comment was "There are certainly some there I would like to kiss." And on, and on, and on. I believe this is a family site so I will spare the rest of the details.
Since I had just come from Biggby's I knew exactly what they were referring to. A wonderful group of people have been brought together at this store and I think that is recognized by many. Keep up the good work (seems pointless to say this because they always do)!
Anyway, I just thought I would pass this story along. Obviously you are loved by many. Thanks for letting us in even when you are trying to lock the doors.....................



People make a difference...

I just wanted to say that I am a lowly writer that was just laid off from his job as a Machinist at Dowding Industries yesterday. I'd been there close to 4 years and it hurt to be cut loose. This evening, I had my last few dollars and wandered into my Charlotte Biggby location and Amanda greeted me. I secretly wanted to stay miserable and ordered a Vanilla Latte. After handing her my Biggby swipe card, her eyes grew as she told me I was on my free coffee! I was delighted. The staff blew me away and consistently do with their excellent customer service. In a bad economy, go BIGGBY!


Go Charlotte !!

De Youngest BIGGBY fanatic!

Can you guess which one :)

This just in ....from the rest of the WORLD!

Thanks Sara! For sharing this story :)

I have a great customer story for you that I thought you would like to hear!

Today while working a customer pulled me aside and said she needed to talk to me. The customer starts to tell me how she use to refer to herself as a "Starbucks queen" but now after only three weeks of being a Biggby customer she is officially a "Biggby queen".

She says she always has the BEST experience "Not only does Biggby have better tasting beverages, you also have the best staff around!" was the actual quote she used.

I just thought you would like to know- We have converted another to the best coffee in town!!

Have a great day!

Sara # 223


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

I will definitely be back, whether Biggby likes it or not.

By Shaun G on YELP... Click here to go to YELP

Opening week at the new Biggby! I had been waiting in eager anticipation for this location to open. Being a graduate of Michigan State University I have had occasion, in years long since past, to be a patron of Beaners.

While I am far to cheap to frequent coffee houses, for the atmosphere or bougie coffee drinks, I do have a need for a study spot on weekend evenings. In the past I have been forced to study at bars and even... Starbucks! Hey, its Detroit and I am therefore working with limited options.

Biggby did not disappoint. There is free parking in the back. The shop is bright, spacious, with tables spaced out nicely. The walls actually have electrical outlets! There was a big flat screen television playing Sponge Bob Square Pants with a convenient volume control on the side allowing me to turn off the sound. The wi-fi (aka wireless internet) was free, which is a mixed bag for me as I leave the house for the sole purpose of not wasting all of my time on the internet. The music was a pretty good mix. The staff was young, friendly and as of yet un-scarred by the horrors of the retail coffee trade.

The coffee was all right. They have a few types of coffee available in different blends. Don't ask me what those blends were, as I am a guy who prefers gas station coffee over Starbucks. I picked one of these blends and drank it. The coffee was strong and did not taste like burnt beans. I drank two cups and I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, unless I quickly get to boozing.

In a shocking contrast to the Starbucks down the street, I was only once, in the four hours I spent here, solicited for a donation to Detroit's underclass! I always prefer a study environment where there aren't drugged out people hanging around trying to strike up a conversation. After a few hours of studying such behavior makes me nervous.

I will definitely be back, whether Biggby likes it or not.

On my second visit, Biggby gradually filled up with groups of very young Wayne State University undergraduate students. These are some of the loudest and most annoying people on the face of the earth. Evidence of my claim can be obtained on any school day with a visit to the WSU library. You may find additional evidence of this claim during a trip to Biggby.

...I rated it cool!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coffee Makes You Poop

Not my title...but I love it! Check out D-Tales gossip blog

What I love is, this is a Biggby newbie...and this is what was noticed right away...

"It's like Starbucks only without the self-seriousness. Plus, WAY better coffee..."
What we're doin' is still workin', ya'know?

The Biggby Coffee inside Midtown's Studio One Apartments just opened last week! It's like Starbucks only without the self-seriousness. Plus, WAY better coffee and about a dozen more syrups and sauces. And they don't have their own record label. AND they have real food that you'd actually want to eat as opposed to weeks-old poundcake that was vacuum-sealed steeping in its own lard. The look is bright and happy, and the people are friendly and upbeat (as opposed to the angry artist types who typically staff a Starbucks). I got my nonfat Marshmallow Creme latte and chatted with the baristas. When one told me that she hopes to see me back, I totally believed her and it was in a completely non-lesbianic way. Make sure you pick up your Biggby Card--when you buy 10 drinks you get the 11th free. Cashier: "Do you have a...oh." (As I handed him my Biggby Card...That Other Guy lives right by one so I typically go there after sleep-overs. I had my rechargable card before they even officially launched it. So nyah.)

BTW Go Detroit!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A letter written for the Michigan Restaurant Association

PS I am the Chairman of the Board this year :) sumthin' to do, ya'know?

Alex n' me :)

Alex and his Magic Milk

Good Day Bob. Thanks for taking the time to stop into Biggby in Big Rapids today. Here is a photo that I took of you and my Son Alex (age 3). Alex often goes to Biggby with me and really enjoys the time that we share sipping a nice treat and spending time together.

We really enjoy having your coffeehouse as part of our community. At the Big Rapids Biggby I have attended school fundraisers, gone out for a night with other mom's and I will often stop in to do some work. You should also know that the ladies who run the place are true gems. Always friendly and joy to be around.

Thanks for being a part of our community and our family.
Thanks for the drink today.

Love the Journey of Running...

Darrell, talks (Blogs) about his last run and BIGGBY COFFEE ....

The road to 13.1: Halfway home

When you’re on a journey, sometimes it’s the little milestones along the way that make the trip seem like it’s moving along nicely. I enjoyed one of those today on my road to the Borgess Run for the Health of It.

Run #13: 7.00 miles, 1:17:13, 11:01.9/mile

Today’s run was more than half of a half marathon. The feeling of crossing the halfway point is just awesome! Granted, it’s the easier half that I’ve conquered so far, but … wow … I hadn’t run that far since 15 October 2008, four days before that unfortunate flag football incident. Even better, though, is the fact that I covered the distance faster than I had ever covered it before. I’m very excited about that. It’s a good indicator that I’ve recovered what I lost due to the injury. Furthermore, all my previous runs of that distance were in Schoolcraft, which is rather flat, while today’s course was far from flat. As an added bonus, my last mile was my fastest, and I could have kept running for at least a ltitle while.

After my run, I stopped at Biggby for coffee. I don’t think there’s a better reward for running than a tall Mocha Caramel with skim milk, sugar-free chocolate, and no whipped cream. At just 240 calories (not even counting the sugar-free chocolate), it was less than 25% of the calories that I burned during my run. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have two after the half marathon.

Lady Di...takin' the plunge :)

I am not very computer savy, here is the info with the challenge....

Lady Di's BIGGBY Challenge to fellow Baristas and corporate amigos:
a $1.00 donation. If each Barista will contribute one slim buck and my corporate amigos pony up one slim buck, I believe I can do some damage. Are you up for the challenge? If so, put someone in charge, collect from your fellow Baristas, or co-workers, post the contributions, (checks made out to special olympics) in the mail to Biggby Coffee, P.O. Box 600, Gaylord, MI 49734
Let's see what we can do, and even if you are not a Barista or a corporate amigo and you are a loyal Biggby fan, compelled to contribute,
Please feel free to add your donation by mailing it to the Gaylord P.O Box. In return, special olympics benefit and I promise to post pictures from the HUGE event.
thanks and as always, MUCH BIGGBY LOVE
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th parallel

Who: Barista Lady Di, Gaylord Biggby

What: Polar Plunge into Otsego Lake

When: Saturday, February 21- High Noon

Where: Otsego Lake State Park

Why: Fund Raiser for Special Olympics

My sponsor BIGGBY--Gaylord, MI

Raised to date $100.00
Goal: $1000.00

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making friends and havin' fun via TWITTER and BIGGBY COFFEE

BearTwinsMom in BIG RAPIDS :)

The Dream Team

When I talk about what it takes to make a 'great' BIGGBY operator in our goes without saying ya' need a lot of skills!

Some of those skills have to do with a sense of business and some of have to do with how you get along with people...but a part of it, simply has to do with your 'work ethic' and your 'personal commitment.' A lotta things we can teach (like how to make coffee) and we do, but some things ya' just can't....I mean, you either got it, or you don't. And 'work ethic' and 'commitment' is a great example of that!

You know what I talking's one of those ideas, that if I have to explain it too much, then ya' probably don't have it... 'Course I've always wondered where it came from...Is it genetic (inherited or simply mutation?)'ve heard people referred to as type 'A' personality :) Or is it conditioned, is it something you grow up with in your family environment and then learn?

Well, I haven't commissioned any studies on it, but I figure it must be a little of both, ya'know? Well either way, here is what I do know...Irma and Jose Cayo have it in truckloads. I visited their BIGGBY store (their fourth) in Midtown Detroit, yesterday and there they were, workin' the counter just as hard as any staff person (if not harder.) I really couldn't ask any more of any operator than just that! Technically they probably don't even need to do it (be behind the counter), likely they have enough people that they could stand back and direct traffic...but it doesn't work that way for them...and I love that! I love that passion, I love that work ethic, and I love that's the real deal, and these guys Jose and Irma are a Dream Team!

I sat in their store for about an hour on opening day and it was busy. I love the location in Midtown Detroit, on Woodward, right out the door of Wayne State University...It's on the site of the old Vernor's factory...and when you go there (and you will have to go there!) you can some how pick up the provenance and the historicness of this location. It's all new building, but something lingers behind, call it 'pride from the past', but it hits you the minute you walk in the door (warmth, confidence, and a sense of friendly)'s everything Midtown deserves, ya'know?

Anyway I've rambled on little too much and I really just wanted to say 'congratulations!' Jose and Irma (and to the rest of your team)...your first day was awesome at 500 cups! You are the 'Dream Team'....keep on dancin' :)

I love that BIGGBY is on this historic Michigan site! Go Detroit! Go Michigan!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 new stores, 4 days, this is ONE :)

Best Customers in the World !!

This comment came in over my Facebook account from Deborah...and I just have to share it!

I'd like to tell you that I lived in Michigan 10 years and got hooked on BIGGBY COFFEE, and it is the BEST ! coffee that you would ever want to drink. But there is a problem in Alabama there is only one BIGGBY and it is in Mobile which is 300 miles away...But on Jan 11th of 2009 I had to drive to Ga and take a friend to get on the plane which is 350 miles from were I live. So I decided to drive another 75 miles to go get a coffee, but to my dismay I missed the time they close by 5 minutes . But the guy that was there closing opened the door and told me that he had plain coffee and I was more than welcome to any of it that I wanted..I went to telling him my lengthy drive to get a coffee and that a Caramel Mocha was what I really had on my taste buds and the young gentleman made me and my sister a coffee and GAVE it to us , he would not let me pay for it and even offered to let us sit in the lounge part and enjoy the coffee until he finished cleaning..My HAT off to that young man...That shop was in Buford Ga and he was the nicest young man you would ever want to meet.. So hats off to (beaners) that was what I knew it as for 10 years. But then we had a family emergency and I had to go to South Carolina and there is a BIGGBY on old Trolley Road in Summerville and the young man that was there on Feb 9th hats off to him he is the most customer people person I have seen in a long time and he was great ! my hats off to Travis at the BIGGBY in Summerville , S.C Sorry Travis I don't know your name. But when I can get a coffee from BIGGBY you can bet that I'll drive 300 plus miles to get a coffee. I can't wait till they build us one in Anniston , Alabama, we need a good coffee shop here....
Thank you BIGGBY

Monday, February 9, 2009

Out on a Limb -- by Kate P. (BIGGBY Barista)

a busy day tomorrow...I wouldn't have it any other way :)

I start my day with a speaking engagement in East Lansing...then I will be off to Lima, OH...then I'll be stopping by Midtown, Detroit (both store openings)...and finally back to East Lansing.

A few of you want to know when I will be where?

The best way to keep track (in real time) is to follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

As I move through time and space...I make regular updates (not while I'm driving) on my progress. I hope to see you tomorrow. :)

Coffee shops help stimulate Detroit economy!

I'll be stopping by tommorrow...on my way back from Lima, OH :)

by Jaclyn Trop - The Detroit News

DETROIT -- It seems when one Detroit coffee shop closes, another opens.

The exodus of three Starbucks stores from downtown Detroit last fall has not left caffeine fiends yawning for long. Newly opened independent and franchise operations are empowering Detroiters with more choices than ever before and helping stimulate the local economy.

"Things are moving in the right direction," said Olga Savic Stella, vice president of business development for the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., a private nonprofit that helps create new investment and job opportunities in the city.

Biggby Coffee in Midtown and the independently owned Mercury Coffee Bar in Corktown are also new additions to the scene.

The new shops are a "positive sign" that entrepreneurs are heeding Detroiters' "pent up demand for retail and restaurants," Stella said, noting that coffee shops brighten any community as places to congregate and share ideas.

By staying open later and on weekends, many of the shops are showing that the city has a viable market beyond the office crowd, Stella said. Greater Detroit, which includes downtown, Midtown, Corktown, the riverfront and Eastern Market, has more than 86,000 residents, according to a recent DEGC report.

But it's doubtful that coffee shops alone can revitalize downtown Detroit, said Robin Boyle, a Wayne State University professor of urban planning.

"The notion that a coffee shop can be a catalyst for economic development is far-fetched," Boyle said.

'A lot of opportunity'
Nonetheless, for downtowners who loathe lines or live more than a short walk from their favorite fix, more coffee is on the way.

Jose Cayo, co-owner of a Biggby Coffee set to open at the Studio One Apartments complex on Woodward in Midtown on Tuesday, leased the space a year ago, before the economy collapsed and the credit crunch froze financing.

"Right after that came the big bang, but what can you do? You just have to work it," Cayo said.

Cayo hired 25 Wayne State students and said that the university community is excited about a new coffeehouse and the store's free Wi-Fi.

Challenges: space, money
The main challenges franchises and independent shops face in choosing where to locate are finding the right space and amassing enough start-up capital, Stella said. Once open, it's important to establish an optimal schedule and offer products appropriate to the market, she said.

Despite the onslaught of new options, differentiation will keep Detroit's shops from putting each other out of business, said Walter Bender, co-owner of the Tim Hortons store that opened in December in Starbucks' former Millender Center space.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fund Raiser Party in Mason MI

ROI-- Return On Involvement

A note from Jeff in Jackson:)

Every once in a while a story crosses my path that just sounds right...I have had two, in two days... Can I just say - I Love my job :)

I love how every time I enter this Biggby....well, any Biggby.. I get a warm welcomed by employees who feel like they want to serve me. I used to be committed to Starbucks and that was the only place I would go, it wasn't until a Biggby employee suggested that I tried there drinks. So for the first time last summer I walked into your store (first Biggby I ever been to) I was welcomed by happy employees.
They took my order and engaged in conversation with me, which shocked me on my first visit. I asked, "Why are they talking to me?" Because those at Starbucks and other places don't really care to speak with you. You just order, get you drink and that's it.
So now I'm addicted to Biggby by its welcoming environment and it's taste.
Some of the employees are starting to know me by name and what drink I get which I like.
Keep up the good work!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Support your Local Artist....

....But what's local? --You Decide:)

Chatting with Hubert Sawyers about tastemaking. from Henry Balanon on Vimeo.

The Best People in the World!

Our Mission:

Create one new BIGGBY COFFEE fanatic per day, per store who will actively promote us to others.

(This story submitted by Ryan Mallory, Store 170, St. Johns MI)

We have a customer that started to come into the store around Dec. of last year. What set him apart from every other customer that came through the door was that Les, his name, can't hear and couldn't talk either. I was on the POP that first time he came in and he wrote down a description of what he was looking for and we had it made. I wrote the name of the drink on the back of a frequency card and told him all he would have to do next time is show them the card and the cashier would know what he wanted.

Les has been coming into my store for over 3 months now and all my staff know his drink and look forward to seeing his smiling face during the day. Through a rough use of signing we would all do our best to communicate with him. Today Les was in first thing this morning. As he was waiting at the end of the counter I noticed that he had a cell phone in his hand. Through a set of hand written notes I found out that he had bought it. How you may ask does a man who can't hear use a phone? TEXT MESSAGING!!! I ask him for his phone number and he welcomingly gave it to me. For the first time today I was able to communicate with a regular customer. This was a rewarding thing for me to be able to do. We texted back and forth between customers for an hour.

What did I learn?

I hope that you find as much joy in this email as I did writing it.

Rock-on, Ryan, Rock-on!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2fer one

Yep...we have two store opening on the same day...not the all time record, but not bad considering all that is going on out there, ya'know? :)

My first stop will be Lima OH...

Lima OH click here for article

Lima News Photo by AARON PIPER BIGGBY COFFEE opening soon on Cable Road next to Westgate Lanes

My second stop will be in up in Midtown, BIGGBY COFFEE's first Detroit streetside location is opening in the ground floor of the StudioOne Apartments. Right on Woodward near Wayne State U.

Can't wait to see you there:)

What is SPOT BOB?

SPOT BOB is nothin' but fun. I like getting out to our stores and mixing with employees, customers, operators, and friends alike! I have found that the truth in retailing is in the stores....not in an office!

We can take surveys and do focus groups all day long but nothing substitutes for being right there and hearing from the people coming everyday! I usually show up on a Thursday and hang out for a coupla hours in the morning...I have met thousands of customers this way...and have gotten so many great ideas!

I get to buy everybody a drink while I am there and it always feels good to be able to do that for people who support BIGGBY COFFEE and the BIGGBY way, everyday! :)

I love people and making friends... so I hope to see you there, at my next SPOT BOB!


Everybody should have 'fresh' coffee.... Make Friends with good coffee :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Smart Poem

by Kevin Smart -- Perculator from the Waterford Store (hey Kari:) ), this was excerted from the BIGGBY Babble Book.

Ode to the Coffee Bean

Oh Coffee Bean, Oh Coffee Bean
So rich
and full of flavor
As you dance on my tongue
your boldness
I do savor

With milk, sugar, sometimes even Splenda
I enjoy a hot cup
with my girlfriend Glenda
I drink you without looking back
I enjoy you light, dark, even black

Oh Coffee Bean, dearest Coffee Bean
You are but a dream
Everyday I long to drink
Alas, if your temp is below 165
I weep as I pour you
down the sink.

I love people :)