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Riley loves BIGGBY BOB... much, she has stickers of BIGGBY BOB everywhere in the store...ya'gotta luv'it, ya'know?

Hee Haw and Star Trek collide to create Mentor 1

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BIGGBY COFFEE - Core value #3

Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm

Energy – drive, stamina, and intensity, with pluck

Excitement – animated, dramatic, and passionate, hullabaloo

Enthusiasm – zealous conviction in what you are doing ….it’s contagious.

The Real Deal....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Charlotte Mayor Deb Shaughnessy
I received this note from our Charlotte store today :)

This picture was taken this afternoon… On Sunday afternoon Charlotte Mayor Deb Shaughnessy was our guest Barista. We raised $200.00 for her favorite charity “Eaton Community Hospice”.

Can I just say I love BIGGBY operators! B-Happy, Love people, Make great coffee :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Worst Picture in the World!

from the State News

An excerpt from the Article ...No bigger a year for Biggby
By Pat Evans

Customer is king

Fish also attributes his success to paying more attention to how his customers feel than what his competitors are doing.

“We’re interested in the people we serve. That’s who we look at and talk to, and that’s who our conversations are with,” he said.

Michael Kotia, general manager of the Biggby Coffee at 115 W. Allegan St., in Lansing, said the company thrives off of Fish’s personality.

“I think Biggby has been very inventive in terms of customer service,” Kotia said. “(Fish) takes a lot of time to interact and it takes a certain character to do that. He knows what’s important and to him — it’s great customer service.”

Although Fish holds pride in the company’s coffee, he said it’s not just the java that sets Biggby apart.

“The overriding cultural component are these things: Be happy, have fun, make friends, great coffee,” he said.

“Part of our operating philosophy is to make sure everybody leaves in a better mood than when they arrived.”
Published on Sunday, January 25, 2009

Go see the VIDEO REPORT from the STATE NEWS...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pat : On the Beat....

Pat is a reporter for the State News...MSU newspaper. He has been working on a story about BIGGBY COFFEE... and this was our last interview before the article comes out in Monday's paper. He allowed me to turn the tables (so to speak) and interview him. Thanks Pat...I had fun!

The New (Read: Fun) Face of Coffee -

The New (Read: Fun) Face of Coffee -

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Colleen...She wants to Sell her home in Webberville :)

I had a nice chat with Colleen during my SPOT BOB on Thursday...She loves the crew at the Allegan St BIGGBY...2nd store (built 1997) ....anyway this was the last video that I could take...after that, I shook 432 was a great day :) !


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Dan(ny) the Man

Delicious better than Doubt


makes you feel warm...

[PHOTOSHOP] This is incredible!..i like coffee too.

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Abstract City: Coffee

One man's roller coaster history with coffee. New York Time Blog Abstract

A BIGG 'Thank You' to Jackson Coffee

Yep that's right "Thanks Jackson Coffee" it's been fun watching you try to capitalize on our logo, our reputation, and all that we have built in these short 10 years we have been franchising!

An interesting business model you have...let's see, create a unique logo and identification for Jackson Coffee. Ahhhh not so much, simply change the highly identifiable BIGGBY rectangle block orange and black B logo to an orange circle with a black J....hmmmmm, not feelin' too original there, ya'know?

Then let's see, for marketing....strike a notable difference in the marketplace by creating a unique identity. Ahhhhh, not so much again, instead chase after BIGGBY customers by buying the paid keyword BIGGBY on GOOGLE (and other sites) and offer those people a free beverage...or better yet, now, buy $1,600 dollars worth of outdoor advertising to emphasise BIGGBY COFFEE, it's font style, and the unique spelling of it's name to people (customers, maybe even yours) that may not have even considered going to BIGGBY COFFEE before, but definitely will now...Wow! Unbelievable! Again, Thank You! Thank you for making BIGGBY COFFEE the one to beat!

On another note this idea that you roast everyday is at best interesting...I mean we are not able to roast all of our 500,000 pound annual usage in one day either, but I assume the larger point you would like to make is that you roast on site...but, even that is akin to somebody like KFC suggesting that they slaughter their chickens at their stores (yuk.) The coffee shop industry is littered with concepts that have come and gone based on the idea that they roast at their shop...many from Michigan, including Java Master to name one, or Lone Star Coffee to name another. Although in store roasting is a quaint idea that some have done well with including the Woolly Bugger in Harbor Springs...this manufacturing process called 'roasting' is a sophisticated and scientific process and tends to be very inconsistent in a small applications...and is often explained away with the use of words like artisan and micro. Don't get me wrong, there is such a thing as Artisan and Micro Roasters out there doing a great job...but none that are trying to articulate that great job by first emulating another company in one breath and then knocking them with the next breath. No the companies that I know that do a great job all have their own distinct personality and ID' should try it !

Of course I couldn't resist flipping through your website a little, and there are a coupla points that you may want to brush up on there too. You suggest that you are 'family operated'...certainly a noble statement, but if it's going to be a point of differentiation...then make sure it's different. All BIGGBY COFFEE shops are independently and locally owned, and of course pretty much everybody comes from a family, right? I mean that's the way that works, I think? Sure it does, and the Jackson BIGGBY COFFEE is no different it's owned and operated by a local family too! Wad'ya thinkin'?

Another little nugget of state you use a 100% arabica does Folgers in some of their blends, but that doesn't make their coffee good, ya'know? This is tantamount to you saying you use 100% coffee...whoppeee! Please note that because coffee is 100% arabica is not a statement of quality...there are good and there are bad arabica's, and there are good and bad robusta's alike. Please also note that, how many countries you buy from, is completely irrelevant, oh and, FYI coffee needs to de-gas for at least a day before it should be brewed and consumed. Freshness is key in coffee production...and coffee really does start oxidising right away after roasting, but some of this oxidising is necessary to begin to develop the beautiful and complex flavors that we all look for in a cup of coffee. Come on get with it!

My last little rant is your reference to no 'secret blends'...and of course BIGGBY COFFEE has some blends that are secret...and after I have watched a company like yours try to copy so much that we it any surprise that we may not divulge every recipe that we have?...Particularly in our core product. Duh!

Well, usually I'd let this kinda thing go...and simply chalk up your emulation as a form of flattery. But seriously, I have watched companies try to copy things we do and try to tear down who we are...and I find either pathway not very healthy or doesn't work. It doesn't work because it doesn't come from a good place...sure everybody has a right to compete, but if you look at the great companies they never do it do it this way. They know who they are and where they want to go...and they pursue that with integrity and passion. I would encourage you to choose a better pathway than the one your on and fire whoever is making your marketing decisions(even if they are a family member)...simply said, they are doing more for BIGGBY COFFEE than anything...and although I would love to thank them personally someday, I'm guessing that might never happen :)

But until then keep this in mind...

B-Happy, Have Fun, Love People, Make Friends, and Make Great Coffee!

All my best,


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Wired Squirrel Loves Coffee

new meaning to the word squirlly

Originally uploaded by Terry_Lea

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What does a CEO do?

What won't they do! That's right, a CEO has a lotta jobs, but occasionally it comes down to absolute lunacy. So last November Entrepreneur Magazine called and wanted to do a story on BIGGBY COFFEE ( I had already written a post on the photographer David Johnson back in November...funny video too :) )

When I met David he had this make BIGGBY BOB a cup of coffee, but not any Iced Mocha Mocha, he wanted to put whip cream on my head, the whole nine yards...I shoulda left right then and there, but he flew in all the way from New York so I went along. This is the video that shows how that photo was done...have fun!

The article and photo is now out in the February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, make sure to check that out too!

Also, as you watch you can add comments right on the video, a new service from Viddler...pretty cool, give it a try...but be nice :)

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Hand Stand Pirouette

Yep, that's right a Hand Stand Pirouette....I had no idea what it was budd-I do NOW! Denise, it was the best one I have ever seen!!!! GO BIGGBY :)

Ms DuBois has the CIA on her mind?

Andrea...I have met her before...about 4 stores ago. She has worked at 5 BIGGBY COFFEE shops...and with three different owners. Today was her day off...but she had a lot to say, including she loves the Island...and she wants to go to the CIA?

Watch and see :)

Jeneane...a giver :)

I met Jeneane at the Jackson store, and I just wanted to interview her. There was a warmth and degree of thoughtful care that resonated with me. She is a REAL coffee drinker...and although she drinks the fru-fru stuff...she makes her own concoction at home called Coffee-Zilla (luv the name) :)

Another chugging contest--but...

....this time I lost! That's right I was champion...see the field days back in July...where David tried to steal it from me. But I lost by a huge margin to Matt owner of the Jackson Store he has his own blog ( BIGGBY JACKSON BLOG ) but I found out later that he is a pro...keep in mind, I am an amateur chugger...Congrats Matt!

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Just about perfect...:)

Of course the way you make your coffee is totally up to you, and your taste buds.

But I found this little blog post titled "My French Press Procedure"...made me want to go make a pot right then and there! So if you want to be inspired go to the Grapefruit//Pamplemousse Blog

I had fun clicking through some of the other recipes...including one of my favorites, Bolognese!

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Heartwarming story... Davison, Nice job John and Tracey! People really love you :)

PS I let the video roll by accident (couldn't turn it off) anyway you'll hear John say "I have something else" ...he sang me a song with BIGGBY lyrics (I was sorry I didn't capture it)...but he had an appointment to go to and promised that he would send it to me later :)

Do you have a song you would like to record on your phone, or whatever? Send it to me:)

Picture made from COFFEE :)

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Speaking of which...there are a lot of stories out there 'bout people meeting 'nd gettin' married @ BIGGBY, if you got one, send it to me via Facebook or twitter...Valentines Day is comin' ya'know? Or better yet send me a youtube video of the two of you :)

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Oh'Henry...nice interview @ BIGGBY

Dave Benjamin (recruiting manager) gives some good advice!

Chatting with Dave Benjamin about the future of recruiting from Henry Balanon on Vimeo.

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