Monday, January 26, 2009

Worst Picture in the World!

from the State News

An excerpt from the Article ...No bigger a year for Biggby
By Pat Evans

Customer is king

Fish also attributes his success to paying more attention to how his customers feel than what his competitors are doing.

“We’re interested in the people we serve. That’s who we look at and talk to, and that’s who our conversations are with,” he said.

Michael Kotia, general manager of the Biggby Coffee at 115 W. Allegan St., in Lansing, said the company thrives off of Fish’s personality.

“I think Biggby has been very inventive in terms of customer service,” Kotia said. “(Fish) takes a lot of time to interact and it takes a certain character to do that. He knows what’s important and to him — it’s great customer service.”

Although Fish holds pride in the company’s coffee, he said it’s not just the java that sets Biggby apart.

“The overriding cultural component are these things: Be happy, have fun, make friends, great coffee,” he said.

“Part of our operating philosophy is to make sure everybody leaves in a better mood than when they arrived.”
Published on Sunday, January 25, 2009

Go see the VIDEO REPORT from the STATE NEWS...


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Barista Lady Di here...
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Anonymous said...

GREAT Article Bob! TCB

JD said...

Hmmmm...I've been around a while, but never caught some of the little points about the history of the building for Store 1 like the covered wagon/horseshoe motif. Interesting!