Friday, July 23, 2010

Sometimes we are just not that good -- BIGGBY COFFEE

This (not so flattering) note is written tongue and cheek. It is a little painful to read out loud and acknowledge, but it's true and therefor can't be ignored. We at BIGGBY can always improve, and one of the ways we can do that is to stand up and recognize when we make mistakes. This is one of those times!


Thought you might like to have a customer's response to the fact that when one opens this email and views the July 21 thru 25th special offer, it simply does not state that this is a COUPON offer and needs to be PRINTED. In other words, it is of absolutely no value. Thanks ever so much. As a new biggby cusotmer, I've really appreciated this - I've also appreciated that my rewards card has been inaccurate and I've had to spend time on the line with your customer service department straightening that out. In addition, I really appreciated that I was a customer several times a week for 3 weeks at 3 different locations before anyone even informed me that you HAD a loyalty card. And someone might want to know that your 33 percent off mug clearance? Isn't 33 percent at all locally - rather it's buy one, get the second one half off. As a new customer, I simply cannot express how wonderful I'm finding my biggby experience.
Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

Wow... Looks like we definitely dropped the ball with this new customer! Question... What do we do to make it better for the next new customer? We're on it! ch

David said...

Interesting. I hope to talk about some of these points in our next get-together (err, meeting). Sometimes I think people can be a little harsh, but truth is truth, regardless of delivery.

Anonymous said...

The only way to improve is to look at the positives and negatives. You have to learn from your mistakes and figure out how to make them better next time!

Anonymous said...

I will admit, I am not pleased with the new loyalty card system, either. There have been several times when an employee at one store would tell me one number, and at the next store I would be told a completely different number.

I definitely trust that Biggy is not attempting to "rip me off" via the loyalty card, but there is obviously a glitch in the system. There should be some way that customers can more easily keep track of the number of beverages used.

Great coffee, but I'd love to see this aspect improved.

Kathleen said...

I'm frustrated when a drink credit gets put on a gift card someone gives me. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my loyalty card, but when the credits are split between several cards, that's just overwhelming!

JD said...

Yeah, we do make mistakes...just wish that this was the normal BIGGBY-makes-a-mistake story: "I went to BIGGBY, disaster struck, but they completely took care of me, and I can't wait to go back." To make a mistake, and then have it compounded by inefficiencies and then inconsistencies? I hope we were given the opportunity to try to set things right, and that we did.

Anonymous said...

I also have noticed that my frequency card balance was wrong, but have no records to prove otherwise. Can you please bring back a system where we can at least keep track on our receipt. thanks!! =)

Anonymous said...

i have noticed very few errors with the freq card as a barista. I did at one point see two different occasions with two differnet cards that for some reason each card said the next one was the free one but when scaned it did not make one of them free. luckily i caught it in the bottem of the screen saying 12 otherwise it could of potentially skiped their free one.... I just threw away the card gave them a new one and gave them a free drink but..... this is not good for accounting. but i would say like 95 percent of the time it is a very good system.

Justacogitating said...

Is there a problem with the online frequency card program? I know in the past, I've been able to register my card and login at any time to see my balance, when I purchased, etc. [I'd check myself but I just leave my card with my excellent baristas now.] And, I've lost my card before [hence leaving it with my baristas now] and Biggby had no problem crediting my balance to a new card and sending it to me - because I had registered it. In short, whenever I've had an issue with Biggby - and I'm not a shy one - they have always done their best to fix it.

So, JD, to make it perfectly clear: "I went to BIGGBY, disaster struck, but they completely took care of me, and I can't wait to go back." ;)

Finally, of course it is important to learn from mistakes and it appears some were made here but ... her tone with this feedback was not, "What will you do to fix this negative experience," but, rather, "There's NOTHING you can do that will make me happy and I just want to bitch."

Sometimes, and I speak as smartass royalty here (and a customer, not an employee), it can be a blessing in disguise when one of my bleaker sisters decides to go across the street.

Unknown said...

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