Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guest Blog #10 -- B = Fall Fun -- Pumpkin Spice Latte

Husnah, Having lived overseas while growing up for 12 years myself, I understand the yearning for things from back home...Thank you for sharing :)

I am currently in England and have been here since wrapping up a study-abroad summer program at Oxford University. I have been checking the Biggby website to find out if the Pumpkin Spice Latte has been released and was so relieved/excited to find out that it has! I love walking into my favorite Biggby store (located in Ann Arbor, MI) during the fall and ordering my favorite fall drink. The whipped cream melts into the steaming latte and the spice combines with the espresso to make a wonderful combination of taste and texture. I am looking forward to returning to MI after my travels and studies abroad and am going to drop by the Ann Arbor Biggby the day after I return to kick-off fall with a seasonal tradition. Some cravings will never go away!


Anonymous said...

Safe travels and BIGGBY will be here for you when you arrive "State-side."


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Enjoy the cider, I know I do!! Plus, get it with one of those awesome cinnamon donuts and ask them for it toasty warm! Makes you feel like you are at the cider mill!!! NM

JD said...

Fall is just the best time of year, hands-down...Football is back, Bell's shifts from Oberon to Best Brown, the weather gets ultra comfortable, and BIGGBY is bedecked with all sorts of amazing seasonal drinks...I can't even pick a favorite...there's just too many!