Monday, April 4, 2011

BIGGBY COFFEE Opens in Saline MI

Wow and Yep!

BIGGBY COFFEE will be opening yet another location tomorrow on 6961 E Michigan Ave in Saline, MI.

Rather incredible if I say so myself ...this BIGGBY system just continues to grow and grow. We are having yet another banner year with a twelve month look back on same store sales growth of 11.07% and still no slowdown on new store development.

If you have ever thought about franchising a BIGGBY (or even if you haven't) now seems to be the moment to do it. The investment package is the lowest it's ever been, real estate is more competitive than 4 years ago, and the economy keeps inching up. If you want more info go to franchise info at .


Anonymous said...

I love Biggby. I have been purchasing at least one drink a day or more from Biggby's for years. However, they just raised their prices again! To spend $5.35 a day for a cup of coffee in this economy with food and gas prices at their all time highs. I can no longer justify nor really afford to spend that kind of money on a cup of coffee a day. Biggby should have raised the price of their incidentals such as muffins, scones, and bags of beans etc before raising their drink prices again. I really think Biggby is pricing themselves out of business. People will soon like me stop paying that for coffee if they haven't already. Good luck Biggby I think you're going to need it.

BIGGBY BOB said...

Thank you for the feedback! Of course not all beverages cost $5.35 a day, but the very things you mentioned food and gas costs increasing are many of the reasons we have to take a price increase. Coffee, sugar and dairy are commodities that have all had cost increases. Keep in mind we also offer a rewards card that saves around 8% for regular users. We also send out weekly coupons if you join e-wards. We really do try to offer the best value for the price. thanks again!