Friday, August 5, 2011

First Sip of the Day has to B ..... BIGGBY COFFEE


Jon R said...

Biggby Bob? After many moments in my household kitchen fumbling with sweetened condensed milk and brown-sugar, I am unable to replicate the Caramel Marvel Syrup...I have checked my local super-market, and the Biggby Franchises, but I don't see it for sale anywhere.

With the glucose-heavy Torani, or the flavor-checked ice-cream concoctions flooding the scene, why don't you market your special syrup separately, for take home use,with an emphasis on how specially crafted it really is for coffee?

-Jon R, Coffee-enthusiast and Kitchen Fumbler, Grand Rapids

BIGGBY BOB said...

Jon R,

Thanks for the enthusiasm for our Caramel Marvel sauce. Sorry for being remiss on my own blog.

Retailing Caramel marvel sauce is not a priority for us, but we will take it under advisement. BIGGBY COFFEE locations are authorized to sell it, so you might try stopping into your favorite Grand Rapids location, although it may be in a quantity that is not practical. If you need help let us know.


cuteypie102 said...

I live in Indiana &I love your Carmel sauce. I would def purchase. ..

cuteypie102 said...
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