Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi friends, franchisees and coffee lovers,

As CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE, I regularly communicate our brand vision: BIGGBY COFFEE will be the largest specialty coffee franchise chain in the U.S.

This brand vision was created in the late 1990’s when we had less than five stores. I have to admit, there were more than a few skeptics in the crowd when I first presented this aspiration. But over time, it became obvious that this wasn’t just some overly exuberant CEO fantasy. Becoming the largest specialty coffee franchise chain is becoming a fast reality.

CNBC and Technomic Inc. recently named BIGGBY COFFEE the #1 fastest-growing retail coffee chain in the U.S. Although there are larger companies, none are expanding at a faster rate.

I have always understood that our growth rests in the hands of our franchisees, and that if they are happy, then we at BIGGBY COFFEE will be able to achieve our brand vision. Franchise Business Review, a national independent research firm, surveyed 2,000 food service franchisees and ranked BIGGBY COFFEE as a top 30 food service concept in the nation on the basis of franchisee satisfaction.

But the question is, what makes a happy franchisee? In the end and without a doubt – putting culture and concept aside – I think that a happy franchisee is a profitable franchisee. Sounds too simple? Maybe, but the answer always rests in the results. BIGGBY COFFEE approached $50 million in sales last year, and our same-store sales year-over-year are up more than 11 percent.

For over a decade, I have woken up to a cup of Mocha Java and obsessed over our brand vision. Our recent recognitions have been a tremendous honor, and I look forward to the day when BIGGBY COFFEE is named the largest specialty coffee franchise chain in the U.S.

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Bob Fish (AKA BIGGBY Bob)

CEO and Co-Founder of BIGGBY COFFEE


Bubba said...

I hope to see Biggby Coffee push bitter Starbucks right off the map. And I'll continue to do my part by patronizing Biggby regularly.

Bonnie said...

Head to k.zoo to meet the friendliest staff ever! Stadium drive location!

Anonymous said...

Please get a Google+ page.

Anonymous said...

How about the profitability of the franchisees? You are growing off of royalty, how are the individual owners doing?