Monday, November 23, 2009

The 'BIGGBY WAY' By Terry Dean Harder

When I am at a SPOT BOB like the one in Summerville, SC I occasionally come across somebody who touches my heart. This happened to me with Terry, I met him early in the morning around 8am when he came over to me to say 'thank you' for buying his drink.

I asked him what he was drinkin' and then I asked him why he came to BIGGBY COFFEE?...he told me it was 'cuz of customer service' ya'know?' I always wonder what 'customer service means?' I dug in a little and asked him 'what he meant by customer service?'

He explained it all to me....but then he went away (off to work), and came back later to give me two letters explaining it in his own words.

Terry I appreciate what you did...Thank YOU!

What I like about “Biggby” on Old Trolley Road, Summerville, SC.
By Terry Dean Harder

I know they have a good product. In fact – the best in the Charleston low – country. You can tell they work at it. Their location is easily accessible and convenient. But most importantly 0 I know when I come in I’m going to be greeted with a friendly face, a smile and a pleasant greeting. Some of these kids even call me by my first name. And when they have time they always will engage me in conversation, and we talk about the question for the day which they have posted on the chalk board. They are “on the ball” and don’t make me feel that it’s a privilege for me to be in their place – that’s wrong. They make me feel like I’m “one of them” and that they’re happy I chose their place. They don’t put themselves “above” the customer – they put themselves “with” the customer: they’re there to serve you – the customer service!

A great place to come and hang out and enjoy please and people in pleasant atmosphere.

The owners (when time allows) are always willing to visit with me, share about life and get to know a little bit of where I’m coming from also. We’re all in this game of life together – that shows in how you run your business.

And then a definition....

What Does Customer Service Mean To Me
By: Terry Dean Harder

1) Service “meeting the customers wants/needs” : a smile – a pleasant greeting – first name if known – conversational when time allows – show interest in meeting that customer’s desires and making their experience while they’re in your place an uplifting and positive one. Let them know you appreciate them being there.

2) Product: you’ve got to have the product or people won’t come back. But once you have the product – then customer service is of the upmost importance. Because, I will walk across the street in a heartbeat for the same or comparable product because of a bad customer service experience – and pay more money too. All it takes is one “bad” or “negative” customer service experience to keep a person from ever entering your place of business again. And that has ripple effects also – because bad news travels fast. People tell other people.

3) Being “on –the ball”! Procrastination always loses. Be eager to serve the customer – enthusiasm is contagious. If you put your customer’s priorities first – it will pay tremendously in the efficiency and financial dividends for your business. Lackadaisical attitudes and demeanor will push customers away. People come into your business to be “waited on”. We all have busy schedules in this crazy world we live in. People’s time is important and if you don’t recognize that – it shows a lack of respect for who they are and their responsibilities. Don’t be “over accommodating” but use your time “wisely”. A little more effort goes a long way in business.


Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say - Terry just flat out "gets it!"

Terry what an articulate way of defining what you love about Stu and Aaron's store along with defining customer service.

Just like when the owners and baristas take time out of a day to say hi, it means just as much to us when a customer takes the time out of the busy life they leave to clearly tell us the right things to do and in many cases that we are doing them.

Thank you Terry!


Anonymous said...

WOW! He gets it and so does the SC Team! Great job! ch

Cam4Prezz said...

Way to go down there in SC. Great job Stu creating BIGGBY fanatics.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Summerville store is really having a good time, and their customers are too! Keep it up!

JD said...

Echoing TCB, definitely think it's amazing when a customer takes the time to "write in" and even cooler that he went away from his interaction with Bob still chewing on the conversation, then took the time to pen a full response like that and bring it back? Love it, and love that the Marleys and their team have inspired that sort of an interaction. Thanks to Terry and thanks for sharing it, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing you thoughts Terry! Love it!


halfbakedmusings said...

Well, I'm not one of those who will say that Terry "get's it." Too me that sounds like there is some sort of BIGGBY religion that some folks are lucky enough to "get." To me that is not it at all. In a really well run business of any kind, there is nothing for the customer to "get." Maybe the store associates and management need to get something, but not the customers. All a customer needs to do is enjoy themselves. Why they enjoy themselves (the "getting it" part) is interesting to those on the inside but otherwise not too relevant, IMO. Happy customers, whatever the reason, is what it is all about.

Terry, it's great to see how pleased you are and that you feel great about your experience when you go to BIGGBY. Even better that you have taken some of your time to tell why. Have a great holiday season.