Monday, October 18, 2010

Best story I heard all year...Thank You !!

Wow! This story warmed my heart and welled up my eyes with tears of happiness.

My three year old son who spoke very little, until he recently underwent ear surgery this past summer is increasing his vocabulary by leaps and bounds…the other day while leaving Biggby in South Lyon, MI, me with my pumpkin latte and he with his little bag containing a bagel asked me, “is this an “A”?” while pointing to his bag. I told him, “no, silly that is a B, a B for bagels” and he said “B for Biggby,” and I said, “Exactly!” A very proud moment:)

Thanks for making such wonderful coffee (and memories :) )

ML from South Lyon, MI


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Keep it up little guy! Keep working on all your letters =)

Anonymous said...

C is for Cappuccino
E is for Espresso
L is for Latte
P is for Pumpkin Spice said...


mj said...

perhaps the coolest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks for sharing!