Tuesday, November 2, 2010

52 Cups of Coffee -- BIGGBY was #13

one girl's year-long experiment with caffeine and conversation

Cup 13

Person: Dave Isbell

Drink: Medium Americano from the Coolidge Biggby

In cup 13, I learned about sacrifice.

I wasn’t planning on it. I didn’t really want to. But it happened.

That happens a lot with sacrifice. It’s not planned. It’s not wanted. But it happens.

Or so I thought before I spent an hour drinking coffee with Dave Isbell. He gave me the harrowing news that sacrifice would be an unavoidable part of my life—not exactly news I wanted to hear. Luckily his next piece of advice was more optimistic:

While I can’t avoid sacrifice, I can be proactive and take control over the sacrifices I make.
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