Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This just in -- Another ROI story @ BIGGBY COFFEE in Southfield :)

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Biggby Coffee held an open house for the Urban Art students last week. Their pictures were displayed for a week where customers could vote for their favorite.

The shop also donated $1.00 per drink over a 4 hour window. At the end of the week, the Urban Art students from City Mission were honored at an open house in the store. They were given a free drink and presented with awards. We had a great time and give a huge shout of thanks to Biggby!!


Anonymous said...

The Refrigerator Art program is a great one at BIGGBY COFFEE. The stores love to give back to their communities!! If any schools out there are interested it is a great way to raise funds to help your school art departments! Just contact your local BIGGBY COFFEE store! NM

Anonymous said...

AWESOME job to Marissa and the staff at Southfield! What a great way to support a great cause! TCB

Anonymous said...

GO Marissa and Team Southfield! How Fun! SD

Anonymous said...

Getting involved with the community is what it is all about. Great job.


Cam4Prezz said...

That was a fantastic day. Way to go Marisa!!

Isn't there another one coming up soon?