Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This just in -- Another ROI story @ BIGGBY COFFEE

Biggby Coffee and an Art Show

I am so excited for next week. Biggby Coffee is hosting an art show for my Urban Art kids! A manager for Biggby over heard my mom talking about Urban Arts in his store one day and approached her with a fund raising idea. I gave him a call not too long ago and it's now a reality!

From May 18-24, Biggby Coffee in Southfield, MI (the one on Evergreen Rd.) will be showing my City Mission Urban Art students work. The kids have been working on projects since January and have five fabulous pieces each to show. Now here's the even cooler part:) On Thursday, May 21 from 5-7pm and Sunday, May 24 from 1-3pm, Biggby is donating $1.00 for every drink sold. I will be behind the counter helping out (probably as the whip cream girl) and promoting our program. The kids will come in on Sunday afternoon and see their art, be awarded by Biggby and given free drinks!

I'm so grateful that the Lord continues to show me creative ways to expand and promote Urban Arts!

If you're local come on by during those four hours and support the cause!


Anonymous said...

Nice job Marisa and Cam way to help the community.


JD said...

That's a beautiful thing--something to be proud of. Congrats and have fun this weekend!