Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guest Blog from twitter handle @Justacogitating #6

Are you getting the most out of your local Biggby?

One might think that delicious coffee, smiling baristas, and daily trivia is all there is to their Biggby home (or homes); however, that "one" would be highly mistaken.

Did you run out the door without breakfast but are still shunning the greasy drive-through with what is left of your New Year's will power? You're in luck! Stop by your local Biggby and grab a bagel, granola with milk, or yogurt parfait ... along with your favorite brew.

Are you running late for that lunch meeting? Again, you're in luck! Stop by your Biggby and grab an oh-so-tasty bagel/turkey/havarti (nom nom nom) sandwich and you're on your way. [I like mine heated up in the microwave. Honestly, I can count on my hand those things that trump melted havarti cheese.]

More importantly for my current dilemma, do you need a public, non-threatening, don't-even-think-about-it-buster locale for that first real life meet and greet with a mysterious guy you met online? That's right, I'm saying it: Biggby is my "first meet" go-to place. My home court advantage in the world of online dating. My Biggby is public, bright, and comfortable with the added chocolaty goodness of skinny skinny mocha latticinos. Perfect. Blog boy (since he contacted me through my blog) won't know what hit him.

Ooh, bonus --> I can get instant feedback from my baristas. And let's face it, if your barista doesn't like the guy, there's a red flag being thrown somewhere in dating land.

Biggby: Be happy, drink good coffee, and listen to your baristas.



JD said...

Ha! I love that whether or not the baristas like the guy is the litmus test on the first meet--awesome. Thanks for another fun post, Kimberly!

halfbakedmusings said...

Well Kimberly. You have thrown light on a whole new marketing opportunity for BiggbyBob. You know, he hasn't had a new idea since he opened the first store 15 years ago. He just steals (and occasionally improves upon) ideas he sees elsewhere. I jest. Partly. Anyway, I can now see Biggby ads on the internet dating sites. I see it now...

BIGGBY COFFEE: Public, Safe and Friendly. And if the guy turns out to be a loser, you still got to drink a Carmel Marvel!

@mattjacksonGR said...

I like the way you think, Kimberly. If the Biggby team doesn't approve it's a pass all the way!

Anonymous said...

She called BIGGBY BOB "blog boy" ... love it! Fun post Kim!

Anonymous said...

Only you would make the connection!


Justacogitating said...

Thanks for the comments! I should clarify that "blog boy" actually referred to a new man I was meeting although I can see how Biggby Bob fits that label :)

Dan Moyle said...

Love the post Kimberly. What a great idea, seriously. Fun and bright and cheery! Perfect for a first-meet spot. Bravo :-)