Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kenosha BIGGBY...a place you want to be :)

Jen (and Deb too),

I am sorry to have missed you both...but WOW, did I have a great visit...the crews I met were a testament to all the love and care given to this location. Liz, there will be more...and more, especially with a store, like your-s. I had fun the whole time I was there and here is a little somethin' from the visit :)


JD said...

No shame in playing with toy ever, especially the Star Wars line--if only they had those when I was a kid! Actually, my wife bought me the Legos Star Destroyer and presented it to me the night before our wedding day (yes, there's backstory there). My brother, the best man, and I stayed up until 2 in the morning assembling it. Awesome.

Nice work keeping Kenny honest on which drink is the most popular. Nice work, PERColator. Thanks! - JD

Anonymous said...

Thanks JD... You should prolly teach Bob how to spell Indiana! Let me know when you make progress!


Meagan, Alyssa, and Steph