Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BIGGBY with Good Taste? ...or Should it just Taste Good?


halfbakedmusings said...

This has great possibilities. I see George Washington crossing the Delaware holding a cup of Biggby Best. Whistler's Mother could rock the days away with a Caramel Marvel. Marvelous, don't you think? And why leave it to the classics of painting. We could have Barack at his inaguration, one hand on the bible and his other upright holding a Double Americano. Kim Jong Il has a reputaion as a man who enjoys the finer things. Why not photo shop him holding a Wild Zebra? And what of product placements? Everytime Marlon Brando offers someone a drink in The Godfather, it could be latte. Oh, the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

BIGGBY drinks are a work of art!