Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I was reminded for the thousandth time why I love BIGGBY

A note from a customer of the Novi store...and the next SPOT BOB location :) The world is good...sometimes it just needs a chance, ya'know?

My name is Kxxx, and a while ago, I had a bad day while visiting my local Biggby Coffee shop, and I unfairly decided to vent by complaining about my local Biggby shop. After I left Biggby coffee that day, and after I took some deep cleansing breaths (as my Yoga instructor always advises to do when stressed), I realized that I was unfair to my Biggby shop. I complained about the shades in the shop, and complained about a Biggby employee, Jesse.

You read my distressed e-mail, and quickly responded by saying that you would talk to the owner of the Novi Biggby shop, and that since Biggby cares deeply about the service it provides, you would notify the Novi Biggby shop about its customer service. I returned to my local Biggby shop days later when I was much calmer, and realized that I was really angry when I wrote that e-mail to you. I was unfair to my Biggby shop and to the Biggby team there. I noticed that Jesse greets many customers by name and with warm familiarity, and that the Biggby team members at the Novi shop always welcome customers with a smile and a greeting. The owner, Mike Waltersdorf, even quietly noted to me that he had shades measured for the shop, and that he was expecting the shades to be installed very soon. I hung my head and said, "I was really stressed when I wrote that e-mail." He kindly asked, "Is it school related?" I replied, "Yes," and he said, "It's okay; I've been there, so I definitely understand." And once again, I was reminded for the thousandth time why I love Biggby and how lucky I am to have Biggby in my neighborhood.

I see that the Biggby CEO is visiting the Novi location on April 16th. When he visits, I hope he knows that he should be really proud of this Novi shop because the team there is contentious and responsive to customer's needs.

I realize that in return for great service and a high reliability score, customers have to be fair and really show their appreciation for Biggby. I was unfair in the past; I vented my own troubles and projected my own insecurities on Jesse. I'm sorry for being a poor customer.

Thank you, Biggby!

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Anonymous said...

That's a great story--pretty rare, too, I think for someone to send in a complaint and then have the heart later to retract it. Pretty cool.