Monday, May 25, 2009

This just in -- from Joe... @ Lk Lansing across from Eastwood

Hi Bob-

I just had to message you tell you about the experience I just had @ the Biggby referenced above. I stopped in to pick up a coffee for my wife and myself. I walked in the door at (according to my watch) 8:58 tonight. I fully expected to get the "sorry, we just closed" line. I didn't. Not only that, when I apologized for being "that guy" who pulls in two minutes before closing time they responded, "technically, it three minutes to, so you have plenty of time." The two on duty were very friendly despite my last minute order.

Bob, I worked in the service biz in college and I can tell you that wouldn't have been my response back then. Those two treated me like I was their first customer of the day, not their last.

I thought you'd like to know.

Have a great holiday.



Anonymous said...

That's what makes us the best! Nice work crew. -JD

Anonymous said...

The crew over at that store is great! I always have a good experience there!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work for everyone over in Lake Lansing that night. Service is the number one reason its my favorite location. (the teddybears help too.) Keep it up..

Dona J

Anonymous said...

GREAT job to the O'Connor team at store 206! YOU ROCK! TCB

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job OConner's and Team! SD