Monday, July 27, 2009

This just in -- BIGGBY Best :) ..thanks Kathy !

I just discovered your "fun" high-quality online website with its varied activities and options. The trivia questions are engaging.

My favorite Biggby blend is Biggby's Best. I had been getting McDonald's coffee but have now changed to Biggby's because McDonald's has made some kind of change in their coffee - and not for the better! Biggby's Best has just the right robustness and flavor for me without being overpoweringly strong (like Starbuck's!).

I got "hooked" on Biggby's coffee in Big Rapids, Michigan, where I teach at Ferris State University. I also frequent the EastBelt Line store (north of IMAX) in Grand Rapids, and have visited two shops downtown Grand Rapids.

I love the idea of getting a free coffee with my Biggby card!

Thanks. Nice product.



Anonymous said...

Score another point for the good guys!

Nicole said...

Kathy - thanks for your thoughts! I'm glad you like the BIGGBY BEST, I always get excited to try a new drink. I am HOOKED on the Peanut Butter Cup Big Chill, it's dessert in a cup!

Anonymous said...

I second that... We do have the best coffee!