Monday, July 20, 2009

Mark my word...BIGGBY COFFEE

This just in...from Mark :)

The secret of Biggbys lies in the reality that the average Biggby barista is an interesting person, with a kind disposition, attention to excellent courteous service and a sense of humor. To be sure, I believe that I hardly ever go to Biggbys just to get a drink anymore--sure the drink is good--but the essence of my enjoyment when I stop at Biggbys is the wit and charm of the conversation that ensues while I'm ordering and having my drink made. Take care to keep up that corporate attitude and Biggbys will always be my choice for coffee+

Thank you Mark!


matt0701 said...

Very well said. I couldn't have said it better if I tried!

Anonymous said...

I agree! We all have baristas that have brightened our day and made us smile. It is the experience (and the world's best coffee of course) that brings me back day after day!

Anonymous said...

the BIGGBY way! Thanks Mark! TCB

JD said...

Mark has always been good about handing out praise here and there over the years--thanks Mark! -JD