Friday, January 15, 2010

How Alyssa B-came a BIGGBY GIRL

This just in...thanks for sharing Alyssa!

I was always a "Starbucks girl," but recently in an attempt to save money I've switched from my normal latte's to brewed coffee. I must admit, Biggby's brewed coffees are phenomenal. They are far superior to Starbucks not only in taste, but because I have so many options!

I've made my way around the Biggby's in East Lansing and Okemos, and I must say the store on Marsh Road is the best! They are quick, knowledgeable and SO friendly! Every morning I go there, I leave with a smile! This staff is superb! I can not give them enough accolades.

Thank you, what you do may seem simple, but it has definitely converted me to a "Biggby girl."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a BIGGBY COFFEE fan Alyssa! We love hearing stories like this! sld

Sandy said...

Alyssa! Thank you so much! I travel all over the state and people tell me all the time words to the effect of "I always go to Starbucks but I really do not like their coffee." It is amazing to me. So I strongly urge these people to try Biggby. And they report back with glowing reports: THE COFFEE IS SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you again for taking the time to say so.