Friday, January 8, 2010

Score! - Two Points for BIGGBY COFFEE and the Skinny Skinny Mocha Mocha :)

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OUR REVIEW: Biggby’s “Skinny, skinny, mocha, mocha” for two Weight Watchers points
by Wes Thorp on January 7, 2010

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I forgot the $1 off coupon before we went to Biggby’s to satisfy our taste for a sweet, chocolate coffee drink. We’ve always gotten just coffee before, but Bob Fish, Biggby’s co-founder, convinced me to step-out by trying their “skinny, skinny, mocha, mocha” drink with reduced calories.

Decadent chocolate drink at Biggby's in Lansing.
As Weight Watchers Online people, we count points. We can eat and drink regular people stuff, but we have to do it within limits. Does it work? You bet. I am peeling off a risk factor-being overweight- which could be my bane as an older baby-boomer. But, there’s always the desire to eat or drink something sweet. And living in Lansing, going to Biggby’s is always a plus experience.

Without our coupon, super-wife and I ordered and split a short “skinny, skinny, mocha, mocha” and we were surprised by what we tasted. Co-founder Fish is right. It has a decadent chocolate taste. Let it be noted that even without the whipped cream, we felt guilty drinking it. That’s the feeling we wanted. It didn’t taste healthy.

But, the short version had only two Weight Watchers points. The barista very kindly show be the calories and other info I needed. The price tag was not immodest though at $3.65 for the small cup.

Would we recommend it? Definitely.


Anonymous said...

Delectable, delicious, yummy, no matter how you phrase it, this drink is AWESOME! How did you all create something so good, yet so healthy for me? Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This drink may be non-fattening but I wouldn't call it healthy. I do WW too and I appreciate occasional treats like the skinny mocha. WW's downside is that points counting will lead you to low-fat, sugarfree, processed junk. If you want to eat healthily read Michael Pollan's "Food Rules."