Friday, January 15, 2010

Nothing Plain about Plainwell ....Meet Erin and find out about the BIGGBY WAY!


@mattjacksongr said...

Coffee lovers in Plainwell are obviously in good hands. Good stuff, Erin!

Anonymous said...

BIGGBY way - Loving life and having fun doing it! That is perfect Erin!

It is easy for me to see why the customers would LOVE you as much as you love them!

Great interview, I took some lessons from you on how to avoid letting Bob take you down a certian path!

Nice job! TCB

Anonymous said...

Great Job Erin! That is the BIGGBY way for sure! Have Fun and Drink Great Coffee! ;)SLD

Cam4Prezz said...

Awesome interview Erin!!

Keep on serving the Worlds Best Coffee to all of your fanatics in Otsego (a.k.a. Plainwell)

Halfbakedmusings said...

Did I hear Erin say she serves a Soy Chai Chill with boosta? Is that some strange language? What on earth is it? And what does it have to do with coffee?Maybe the company should change its name to Biggby Beverage. Anyway, Erin, you seem like a real nice person forced by slightly daft bosses to produce and serve unintelligible sounding drinks. But you do it with great style. Good for you.