Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest Blogging (will work for coffee)

I love input, feedback, ideas...and just plain good writing :)

Although I have plenty of ramblings, stories, pictures, and videos to share....nothing beats a good 'Guest Blog.'

If you have something BIGGBYesque to share please send it to and @biggbyjedi and I will give it a review...and most likely POST it!

You never know, there might even be a free beverage or two in the deal :)

Look forward to hearing from your inner bloggerness...


Anonymous said...

this is going to be GREAT! We have the best customers in the world and to read directly from them will be such FUN!


@mattjacksongr said...

I'm hoping for a bunch of red marks and strike through lines from Editor Biggby Bob. I get that a lot here in the office, so it'll feel just like home :).

Seriously, a great idea. I'll have to put some thoughts in order...

halfbakedmusings said...

I love this. Now Bob gets to fill a blog with material he doesn't have to come up with.