Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Just In...The BIGGBY WAY, by Mark :)

O give me a home
When I'm all alone
With my Biggby coffee
And you, ou, ou, ou
Where seldom is brought
'Cept the best coffee sought
By baristas that I know all by name
Biggby's, where I always get change!
And drinks served with a smile and a laugh Not only I know Just where to go For the best coffee, decaf or caf!


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Anonymous said...

Very Neat!sd

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Next time maybe you can sing it for us so we can hear your rendition! NM

detritus said...

Hmmm. A little "Give Me A Home..." Hey partner, you're horning in :) So, with Cream playing in the background here at Biggby in Auburn Hills and with apologies to Eric Clapton...

In the Biggby
With great coffee
By the freeway.

Sip my latte
Eat my cookie
I feel upbeat.

No new poet
Takes my standing
In Bob's treatise.

I'll wait in this place
Where the sun always shines
Wait in this place
Where the coffee's hot and the people grand.