Wednesday, February 10, 2010

@T_C_B ...Tom and son schmooozing the Guv :)

Next Lieutenant Governor?


JD said...

Jacob! The tie and vest combo is stellar--nice job!

Gen M Girl said...

Jacob has my vote in 20?? Goober-natorial! Very. :)

Anonymous said...

Jacob asked me the other day if I would vote for him if he ran for Gov! I told him depended on what ticket he ran, of course kidding!

This was great fun for Jacob Governor Granholm and Dan were great to him and furthered his interest in politics after he finishes his law degree.

Go Jake!


Anonymous said...

What a great experience for you both to have, Jacob looks like a natural - look out world! NM

Anonymous said...

Little man is dressing for success. Nice!

Dan Moyle said...

How great for you gentlemen! Nice work - and good luck Jacob!