Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guest Blog #7 from twitter handle @Justacogitating

Why, Yes, I am the Mayor.

Not something I ever envisioned myself saying. President? Of course, but Mayor? Yet recently I found myself sitting in "my" Biggby and overheard a woman behind me say, "Kimberly M. is Mayor." When I looked, she was staring into her phone, an action that today seems as likely or more as glancing at a watch (if you still wear one).

Well this is just too good!

"That's ME!"

Apparently, the need for privacy hasn't hit me yet if this squealed exclamation, blog posts, my personal blog ... Twitter and Facebook ... and, of course, FourSquare (hence my Mayor status) are any indication.

The woman looked up and a short, awkward, game of "Strangers Say Hey" ensued.

And thus, my Biggby once again enticed me into everyday contact with a stranger despite my self-proclaimed 'loving-people-challenged' status. My Biggby ... the diabolical people pusher, gatherer of crowds, writers, students, frazzled office workers, and even more frazzled moms. My general reaction would be akin to Gossamer from that Bugs Bunny cartoon suddenly staring into the audience and shrieking, "PEEEEEEOPLE!!!!"

It's okay though. Why?

Coffee. Chocolate. The occasional hot man in a suit.

And ... why, yes, I am the Mayor.


PS a good find by David -- Regarding the reference to BUGS BUNNY
...."from that Bugs Bunny cartoon suddenly staring into the audience and shrieking, "PEEEEEEOPLE!!!!" "
suggest advancing to 6 minutes and 20 if you don't want to watch the whole thing :)


Anonymous said...

Kimberly - your thoughts are perfect! Congrats on your mayorship, that is no small feat!! May you enjoy your continued "leadership" and interactions with strangers at BIGGBY COFFEE (o: Happy Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

And the mayor you should be!!! The hot man in a suit seems to be a theme - didn't you trip last time?

Nice job Kim!



Angela said...

Kimberly: An impressive accomplishment! Enjoy your mayor status!! I wonder if staff meetings are in your future :)

@mattjacksongr said...

I believe the coffee + chocolate + Big B combo has completely cured your "loving-people-challenged" symptoms. Come are sliding into easy conversation with perfect strangers... a CLEAR sign that you are the PERFECT Mayor! ;)

JD said...

Ha! Nice! When do they start work on sculpting your statue?

I've often wondered who that person is, when checking in at a location and seeing the mayor, especially if it's a venue I'm after!

Perhaps you could arrange it with the baristas to announce you, herald-like, when you arrive: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mayor Kimberly!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Maybe you need to create a "Mayor" theme song when you enter BIGGBY but much cooler then "Hail to the Chief." Congrats.

David said...

Ha! I didn't know the bugs bunny reference, so I hunted and found it here: Hair-Raising Hare (start watching at 6:30 if you don't want to watch the whole thing)

Love it! I feel like Gossamer quite frequently :)

Anonymous said...

Kimberly seems like a spunky gal =) Love the BIGGBY mocha mocha also (coffee + chocolate) and a hot guy in a suit isn't bad either ;)

BIGGBYNinja said...

As an off-topic note, you can add #t=6m20s to the end of that youtube URL to link directly to that time. Like so.

Justacogitating said...

Thanks for the comments! David, LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you found the video. Sometimes I can be a bit Buffy in speak so I'm always happy to find people who can follow me. And thanks BiggbyNinja for the youtube tip - I'd never heard that before!