Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WXYZ Twitter & Facebook: The Way to Do Business ...Go BIGGBY!

Twitter & Facebook: The Way to Do Business

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NOVI, Mich. (WXYZ) - Long before the first Biggby bean is ground, before the first drip drops, before Risa adds the first swirl of whipped cream, Bob Fish is patrolling his far-flung coffee empire like some virtual barista from the keyboard of his computer.

Fish is founder and CEO of Biggby Coffee, a Michigan-based chain with 115 stores nationwide, but on Twitter and Facebook he’s better known as “Biggby Bob” (@biggbybob). He is a constant presence on the social networking sites. If there is a single comment, criticism or complaint Bob will most likely respond within minutes.

“We’ll also take care of things that weren’t really our fault,” Fish tells us. “We had a woman for example had a rough day went and got her caramel marvel went home got in her garage put her cup on top of her car and it fell off. It’s nothing we did wrong but we got a hold of her right away and said we’re going to send you another drink.”

It goes back to when Bob opened his first shop fifteen years ago and actually worked behind the counter handing customers their drinks, talking to them about what they liked and didn’t like.

“What social media has done for me is allowed me to lean over that counter and continue that conversation, but with 115 stores,” says Fish.

Judging by the comments on Twitter Biggby Bob’s one-on-one touch, even from a distance, has created a loyal customer base.

“They love it!” Bob says. “They love the fact that somebody like a CEO called “Biggby Bob”, is very approachable and willing to engage with a customer.”


Anonymous said...

It's the BIGGBY way, leaning over the counter and talking to our customers! But the really cool thing is that while doing this we LISTEN!

Love it Bob, great interview.


JD said...

It was a great interview--I also liked how they made the initial shots of you in the piece as if they were tailing you, piecing together furtive shots from across the lobby, over your shoulder, through the window, and then "in the flesh." Nice effect, and a good piece. Thanks for posting it!

detritus said...

Seems I know a fellow
Who is always found on Twitter
But he isn't very mellow
And his mind is full of clutter

But rain or shine he tweets
His excuse is that's his job
The people aren't so sweet
For it's only Biggby Bob

Ugh. Just an awful limerick.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy the story of how BIGGBY COFFEE takes care of things that are by no fault of the stores. The woman who spilled their drink and was sent a new one. That is awesome and perfect customer service!!

@mattjacksonGR said...

Those who wonder why BIGGBY COFFEE is so popular need only view this clip to fully understand. It's this unreal level of customer service. Great story...

Steph said...

I really enjoyed this piece. As someone who essentially grew up hanging out in Michigan coffee shops, the social media element makes perfect sense. Biggby really went about this in the right way - making customer service a top priority, in the store, online, anywhere.