Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BIGGBY COFFEE East Lansing -- where it all started (and continues to grow)

You know, coffee is the real thing, or, should I say, Biggby's is the real thing. With the plethora of drinks now available, by setting the menu free and allowing a profound number of items available, Biggby's, in my mind, has surpassed the competition and is forging new ground as to the meaning of "coffee shop".

If I don't buy as much from Biggby's as I maybe once did, I plead my case to the ruler of the economy, whomever that may be--I simply love to stop in but I just have to save my money at times.

In fact, Biggby's customer service is over the top and rivals Zingerman's of Ann Arbor at what you guys and gals do. Keep up the good work--and to think that it all started in East Lansing :-)



Anonymous said...

Yahoo for a great MI based company! Gotta love BIGGBY COFFEE and the great baristas there =)

Anonymous said...

You should sign up for e-wards, BIGGBY sends out weekly coupons, so you can get your BIGGBY fix more often!!

halfbakedmusings said...

Zingerman's? Why is it I'm always waiting forever at Zingerman's?

Anonymous said...


Please fix it. You are making MSU grads look bad.