Thursday, June 10, 2010

The BIGGBY way .... Again !! :) Grandville, MI

I wanted to tell you that I stopped in the Grandville Biggby today at 3:00. I have never been treated by two more friendly baristas and left feeling like I finally had found someone who knew how to treat a customer. Kudos to them and their manager

Thanks for dropping us a line Crystal


Anonymous said...

It's always amazing to me how far a simple smile, a nice word and a good experience can go. Not only do you feel it, but you pass it on. Keep up the good work! NM

JD said...

The BIGGBY Way wins again! Nice to have someone talk about that difference.

Sandy said...

People love Biggby Coffee products but they can get good products a lot of places. People really love how they are treated at Biggby because getting a great experience happens in very few places.

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