Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now Hiring! Now what?

Do you feel a sense of loss when you reach the bottom of your BIGGBY cup? Perhaps a loss of direction? You need to take the BIGGBY Aptitude Quiz to give your life in coffee a sense of purpose.

For each question below, select the answer that best fits your personality, and then total your score at the bottom to see where you would best fit in the BIGGBY world!

1) When the alarm clock goes off:

2) My closet is:

3) When I’m at a party:

4) My favorite class in school was:

5) If I was one of the Seven Dwarfs, I would be:

6) You’re on the freeway, 45 minutes into your trip. You are:

7) Pick the game you most liked to play as a kid:

8) You have to give a toast, you:

9) When eating out at my favorite restaurant, I am:

10) Pick the statement you identify most closely with:

Score your responses as follows:
1) A:1, B:3, C:5, D:1   2) A:10, B:5, C:1, D:10   3) A:5, B:10, C:1, D:3      
4) A:5, B:3, C:3, D:10, E:5  5) A:5, B:1, C:3, D:10, E:1  6) A:10, B:3, C:1, D:5       
7) A:10, B:10, C:1, D:5, E:5    8) A:10, B:3, C:10, D:5, E:3    9) A:5, B:1, C:3, D:10    
10) A:10, B:3, C:5, D:5, E:1

Now, tally your score and see where you fit in!

10-20 points: Hoist a cup! You’re born to be a BIGGBY fanatic! Your next step: Sign up for E-wards to get some BIGGBY Love!

21-40 points: You must look good in an apron! You’d be an incredible BIGGBY Barista! Your next step: Send your application to a store!

41-60 points: You are equal parts purpose and fun—Hello Franchise Support Team (and we’re hiring RIGHT NOW!) Your next step: Check out our job posting with the BIGGBY COFFEE Operations Department!

61+ points: Your “i”s are dotted and your sock drawer is organized. You will rock as a Franchise Operations Specialist (and we’re hiring for this position too!). Your next step: You also need to check out our job posting with the BIGGBY COFFEE Training Department!

1 comment:

Justacogitating said...

Bahaha - I'm equal parts purpose and fun - even though my first three answers scored 1's. Hey, that rhymes!