Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, I am about ready to go....but I just wanted to drop a line. I have been here about 2 hours...and it is one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a BIGGBY COFFEE. I hinted at it earlier, but I want to say it again and a little differently....this reminds me a lot of the first store, not in it's physical appearance, but the way the people are. There is strong personality mixed with a very clear sense of community...it feels good to just be in here, ya'know? I love it, and the only thing that could make it better....is if was closer to my home. Or, maybe I should just move here...'course I would have to adjust to the idea of bein' called a Cheesehead (ouch)... :)

I came here to see one of my favorite blog-watchers, before she moves to Fond du Lac (sp?), but alas she is off on a day trip today. When she found out I was here (from the staff and customers), she called me to let me know the she was sorry to have missed me....it was all very cool....one of the coolest things in a long time....I love this place.

I have several videos to download from this trip....but I won't get back till late, and tommorrow we have a Discovery Day first thing in the morning. Look for them sometime in the late afternoon. Back on the road....


Anonymous said...

Bob...It's Jen. So sorry to have missed you, but my daughter graduated from 8th grade. I've waited for 2 1/2 year for you to come to our store and I missed it. You were leaving just as I was pulling in. I'm unfortunately moving and next week is my last day with the BIGGBY family. Its been great! Thank you to everyone at BIGGBY and of course to ALL of my customers.

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here...
from above the 45th...

Dear Bob,
Lady Di is a former cheesehead, careful bud......!!!!
Much BIGGBY love,

Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th parallel

The Butz Clan said...

Jen, you will be missed! The BIGGBY CORPORATE family wishes you the best of luck as your family moves north!

Jobi Linn said...

Jen, the moment I heard you were leaving I missed you immediately. It has truely been a pleasure working with you. Good Luck and I hope to stay in touch via that fab sis of yours!

All the Best!

Sherri said...

Hey Bob it is Sherri. The one with the phone. I am so glad that you could make it to see us, sorry you missed Jen but we have a greatiem when we are there. We love it and are "frequent shoppers". Hope to see oyu again soon. Thanks for coming. Jen we will miss you alot. Sherri

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
So glad you made it to the Kenosha store, sorry I missed you but it was nice that Sherri called me and I got to visit with you on the phone. We too feel very much at home at this location. The staff is the greatest as I've written about many times before.
Liz is so fortunate to have such a
wonderful team and we're all sad that Jen is moving but she knows when we stop in and promised to join us when in town.
Having worked with the public for roughly 14 years, I feel I know what customer service is/should be and this group stands out when it comes to making the customer feel good about stopping by. Keep up the good work everyone.
Once again, glad you came for a visit and hope you had a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

B has certainly grown since its first store in East Lansing (an excellent B). I remember being there opening week.
Unfortunately, DC does not have a B; nevertheless, I visit one every time we come home to visit family.
Have you further explored the foundation concept you shared the last time we spoke?
It would be nice to hear from you after you settle in.
Patrick Schoof

EmptyNester said...

Bob...thanks so much for coming to our store. Sometimes we feel quite "alone" out here. But...the corporate team is always just a phone call away! The team always responds to our needs quickly and I thank everyone for that! I wish you could have met Jen here. I know she had been waiting for you to come. But graduations do come first! You would think that staff would be "nervous" that corporate was coming...but no...they were so excited! It was great seeing you and I'm glad you liked our store.


Anonymous said...

I love that there are more and more Bibbgy's opening all over the country now! All you need to do now is open one by Mackinac Island so I can get my daily fix. My next trip to Gaylord though I am buying a 5lb bag of beans!