Sunday, August 9, 2009

Left Coast Learnings

My wife and I just returned home after a week in Portland, OR, visiting her sister, marking my first time to the West Coast. Learnings:

1) It's Oar-uh-gun, not Oar-uh-GAHN. Thankfully got the tip on that from a friend juuuuuust before heading out there.
2) Mountains look awesome--up close and far away.
3) Even though, at home, it stinks to have to stay up all hours to finish west coast games and award shows, getting a 3-hour-late-start on the East Coast every day is way worse.
4) The kilt is a big deal in Portland--spotted six different men all kilted up, and all different styles of kilt. The award, however, goes to the gentleman on the boardwalk, wearing a kilt, playing the bagpipes (naturally), and riding a unicycle (not so naturally).

Can we take a quick moment to imagine that gentleman, two hours earlier, at the corner coffee shop? Here goes:

Barista: There you go--your piccolo americano.
Kilt Guy: Great, thanks! Off to work!
Barista: Oh yeah? Where do you work?
Kilt Guy: I play the bagpipes on the boardwalk while riding a unicycle.
Barista: Does that come with Dental?
Kilt Guy: ...
Barista: Well, have a good shift!
Kilt Guy: Will do.
2nd Kilt Guy: Is my cappuccino ready yet?

Back to the Learnings:

5) Streetcars are very, very cool but surprisingly, despite how many coffee shops there are in that part of the country, they don't come with cup oversight, I think.
6) There are lots of coffee shops, but there is nothing, at all, remotely, like BIGGBY out there.

It's good to be home.



BIGGBY BOB said...

Rock on BIGGBY!

Starlysh said...

I lived in LA for a few years. There's DEFINITELY nothing like Biggby there either. urf

Katie Baker said...

So glad you enjoyed the West Coast. The scenery is fantastic! Funny observation about the time difference. That's why the central is so cool, that hour earlier thing is just perfect!
For sure, there are no coffee shops like Biggby. I think that everywhere I go! Especially this summer when I was in NY at the beginning of June, and two weeks in the Mediterranean later in the month.

Anonymous said...

Very educational trip ... and the kilt story tops it all!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware there was such a big Scottish population in Ore-uh-gun...veerrrryyyy interesting.

Anonymous said...

JD we are glad to have you home too! TCB