Saturday, August 22, 2009

This just in -- It happens just one customer at a time...that's all:)

Vickie from Southfield sent this one in...

I can't tell you enough how much I have come to enjoy Biggby Coffee. I was a die hard Starbuck's fanatic always driving out of my way for my morning brew. Then I moved, a new way to work was necessary, this is when I stumbled upon Biggby Coffee! The Biggby Staff are fantastic! They are always upbeat, cheerful, and, informative. They get my day off to a great start...not to mention the Brew...always smooth, brewed to perfection, never bitter or burnt. YUM! I have grown to enjoy the morning stop so much that I find myself pulling in on the way home.

Biggby you have won me over...So long Starbucks!

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JD said...

Great job, Marisa and staff! Love the comment about ALWAYS upbeat, cheerful, and informative. I'll have to read this comment to my class tomorrow morning. -JD