Tuesday, February 16, 2010

writing the rails

One man, one guitar and a train.
Click here to view of the fabulous writing on the rails story :)

Singer/songwriter David Kav continues the Writing The Rails series with his current tour to Detroit, stopping to play at various Biggby Coffee shops.

(David HAS to bring in 30+ peeps to this show. Please spread the word and c'mon out if you're in the area)

All proceeds from the main show above and from the various Biggby Coffee stops are going to Friendship Circle of Michigan - a newly acquired client of Natiiv Arts & Media who just won $100,000 from Chase Community Giving last month. WTR and Natiiv realizes that $100,000 is only the beginning to making a lasting foundation on such an important organization. Writing The Rails and David Kav continues in the tradition of raising funds and awareness to charities that reside in the Final Destination of each WTR tour. David Kav will also be writing songs on this tour - just like he did on WTR: Memphis

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Anonymous said...

Great clip, sounds like David is doing some good stuff and cool to visit several BIGGBY stores!