Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The BIGGBY way .... Again !! :) ..in Mason, MI

Thanks for the comment Amanda!

I absolutely love the staff of this location. They have their act together and have some of the best attitudes I have ever seen in retail! I love coming here in the morning....i look forward to the staff more than the coffee sometimes. The store is always clean...staff is always smiling or joking...but always working! Keep up the great work and Thank you for making my day better each and everyday


Doug Klein said...

Sure, those of us who live in Mason go there more than other folks might, but it isn't just because it is closeby -- the store is always clean, bright, and fun.

A Happy Biggby Loyalist said...

There is a reason why a store in "little old Mason" kicks ass. Yeah, it's really neat with the windows front and back and the vaulted ceiling. But that ain't it. It's the people. They are just great. Always.