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Biggby Coffee (South Lyon) ready to celebrate one-year anniversary

April 29, 2010
By Kary Feick
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Five-star beverages, fast and friendly service, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere are just a few of the qualities that make South Lyon Biggby customers leave the store in a better mood.

On May 5, the South Lyon Biggby Coffee will celebrate one year of hard work, successful sales,and faithful customers. “South Lyon has had a great first year and continues to grow and prosper,” said Bob Fish, CEO and co-founder of the company.

In honor of the anniversary, Biggby, located at
22729 Pontiac Trail, plans to celebrate the day by
giving away free brewed coffee, and employees will
be decorating the store.

“We hope to gain new customers, and show the
community our appreciation for their business,”
said Nishant Khetarpal, owner of the South Lyon

Khetarpal feels the store has come a long way since
the grand opening last May.

“Before we moved in, two other coffee shops already
closed, and people did not seem to think Biggby w
as different, but I am proud that our store made it.
Over the last year, we have increased our daily cup
sales by 100 cups, and in the last month, we have
seen a 35 percent increase in sales. I believe we are
still improving, becoming busier, and meeting a lot
of nice people in the area,” added Khetarpal. “I value
my customers and believe that it does make a
difference having the owner in the store on a
regular basis. I am here over 60 hours a week.
Spending time in the store creates a connection. I
am able to learn people's names, drinks, and

Some customers agreed that without Khetarpal, the
business would not be successful.

“I feel that it makes a difference for Nishant to be in
the store because he helps make Biggby a friendlier
place, and everyone loves him,” said regular
customer Sharon Morabito.

Customers feel the staff at Biggby continues to
brighten the day and deliver tasty beverages.

“My favorite thing about the South Lyon Biggby is
the baristas, they are extremely outgoing. The
atmosphere is welcoming and the location is easy to
get to. It is like my second home and office,” said
Pam Sinagra, a daily customer at Biggby. “I enjoy the
fresh bagels, they are a wonderful addition to my
favorite cup of Biggby Best every morning,” said
Frank Morabito, a true Biggby fanatic.

According to Khetarpal, it is a Biggby tradition to
remember a customer's favorite drink, and in South
Lyon many love Biggby's brewed coffee or anything
with caramel.

“Our customers love the caramel marvel, mocha
caramel, caramel apple cider, and the butter bear.
We are currently promoting the butter bear, which is
a caramel and butterscotch latte. The blended
Advertisement version is one of my personal favorites; the taste is
mouth-watering and delicious,” joked Khetarpal.

In the future, Khetarpal plans on opening five more
Biggby Coffee shops. Before the end of this year,
consumers can expect to see another Biggby
opening in Alma. Khetarpal also plans to extend the
success and build an additional business on the
land he owns next door to Biggby.

Khetarpal believes his team at South Lyon is strong,
experienced, and willing to improve.

“Most of our employees have been here since the
store opened and we have added new employees
that play an important part on our team. Both the
team and store have grown, and I enjoy the idea of
becoming the biggest thing in South Lyon in the
future. I want our Biggby to become a cornerstone
in South Lyon. I want it to be where everybody
comes to get coffee. We already enjoy donating
coffee and helping the community out in whatever
they need,” said Khetarpal.

“It feels good to see that my hard work has paid off.
South Lyon is my new home and I love the people

Kary Feick is a journalism student at Madonna
University and an employee at Biggby. She can be
reached at

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Anonymous said...

Nice work South Lyon BIGGBY, and happy 1 yr anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Nishant - HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your store today! We are so happy and excited that you are a part of the BIGGBY COFFEE family!! Best wishes today on your birthday and continued success in South Lyon. You are a great operator! NM

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 Year - GREAT job!!! The South Lyon team is awesome!


Angela said...

Nishant: Happy One Year! South Lyon customers are lucky to have such great people making their morning coffee and you and the baristas are lucky to have such great customers - they love you guys and share how much they do by sending in positive feedback! Keep up the great work!!!

Sandy Green said...

Way to go Nishant. was in your store a few weeks ago and had an AWESOME experience.

JD said...

GREAT interview, Nishant! Nice to see you, Ray, and the rest of the team getting some press about all of your hard work over the past year, and the gains that you've seen as a result of it--keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Nice seeing you this week and thanks for all of your hard work.


Anonymous said...

I live near Alma and am very much looking forward to having A Biggby closer to home!! Congrats on your one year anniversary...Hope to meet you when you come to Alma.