Friday, April 16, 2010

This just in: A New BIGGBY Fanatic happens every day!

I have hated coffee my whole 38 years of life...never drank a cup...not even through college. So I saw an ad for your butterbear..."Hmmmm", I thought, "that looks tasty...but I bet I'm going to hate it" So I stopped an bought a 10 oz cup because if nothing else I'll like the whip cream on top. Well ~ YUM! Definitely not the coffee I tried in my youth, not the overpriced junk that you find on every corner, and definitely not that stuff in the red can we make at the office. Something about the actual "coffee" part was really good...and then you throw in caramel and butterscotch!!! So the next day I upgraded to 16 oz, then to 24oz. Then I found your coffee in my local store and started brewing at home. Needless to say, I have been hooked on Biggby coffee for almost two weeks. It is wonderful. You shouldn't even call it coffee - that name is too bland - it should be something like "biggby's gourmet flavor-burstin' concoctions!" Thank you for helping me find out what coffee really is supposed to be.



Anonymous said...

YEAH KAREN - sing it! GREAT note! Can't touch the butterbear!


Anonymous said...

GREAT note Karen - welcome to the world's best coffee! The Butter Bear is awesome!


David said...

I would definitely approve of a "BIGGBY's Gourmet Flavor-burstin' Concoctions!" marketing campaign :) Welcome to the (coffee) family, Karen!

halfbakedmusings said...

Hello Karen. Enjoyed your post, though I think a lot of Europeans would look askance at the idea of a Butter Bear being what coffee should be. But then what do those folks know?

From my own sad experience, I can tell you what happens next. Soon those 24 ouncers won't be enough and you'll be stopping at Biggby twice a day! And you'll be asking for such things as a Wild Zebra, or a triple super skim Sugar Bear decaf with extra syrup and whipped cream. Your friends will start wondering about you. But then the unimaginable will occur; you will can the flavoring and get a quad Americano. Just four shots of plain old espresso with hot water. It's a slippery slope.

It's all good, Karen! Welcome to the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

Love it! She sounds like she's got some spunk =) I agree that BIGGBY COFFEE is great, and coffee just isn't an exciting enough word to describe it!!!