Monday, June 2, 2008

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race
Originally uploaded by A2 Lebowsky
Nigel is cool.


Kristy said...

Hey Nigel your new co-pilot?

Tom Butz said...

I think I know that Kristy lady!

Bob Fish said...


I could use a co-pilot, but nigel lives in AA.

Anonymous said...

That makes nigel sound like a complete drunk! :)

Occams Scissors said...

Glad I checked in the blog, saw a picture I posted on my flickr :)

That is actually George in the picture that day, Nigel is the monkey that looks knitted. Here is a great picture of Nigel with his morning cuppa:

We go to Biggby on Washtenaw every friday morning before work. Nigel usually go to work with me on that day :)

Occams Scissors said...

Well actually anonymous, Nigel does call Friday "Pintday". Afterwork we visit a pub in A2 (A squared) and he loves local brews.
The morning starts with a good Michigan coffee and ends with a good Michigan Pint.