Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blue Ocean Purple Cow

I woke up this morning to get ready to go to Owosso (spot bob...remember I buy!), anyway I jumped on the computer to check emails and such and Lorri wrote me a message on Facebook that struck me. I not sure why it did...except that it was very forward, which I always like :), and it felt very honest (thank you :)).

The note is below and there is some good advice and observations, things that we have been watching for sometime...but the close is what got to me...'don't go the way of Starbucks' (she said it, not me)...I so appreciate this statement, and Lorri as long as the people that started BIGGBY COFFEE are around...It'll never happen, ya'know?

We got our own thing goin' on and we and we love it! As a matter of fact we think the other folks (as massively successful as they have been) lately are getting things wrong left and right...You see, we think they could use a little help in learning the BIGGBY way:) So we have been considering a hostile take-over one share at a time...whad'ya think? It might be the only way!

At your store on Cedar at a business meeting that the number of cars that came through the drivethrough between 8:15 and 9:15 a.m. was incredible. Even more notable was the percentage of women (and multiple women in one vehicle). Of the 34 cars that came through, only 2 (that's right -- 2!) were men. This screams of marketing to women. Women love to be pampered and drink your delicious coffee drinks.

I also noticed that the Coffee and a Car Wash sign had your old name(:

I dig traffic studies ... and real data. And, I really dig Blue Oceans and Purple Cows. Please, please do not go the way of Starbucks!

Warmest regards,
Lorri .. on the Edge.

What is this Blue Ocean Purple CowThe name was inspired by a merger of two of our favorite 21st century paradigms - Blue Ocean and Purple Cow. Blue Ocean is a strategy that dares companies to liberate themselves from the traditional models of competition by creating new market spaces. Instead of fighting for existing (and often shrinking) demand, Blue Ocean strategy is about creating a new category altogether. Purple Cow on the other hand advocates transformation to the phenomenal, exciting, and flat out unbelievable, like a purple cow amidst a sea of brown cows.


Anonymous said...

How true what Lorri says. But I do think both women AND men like to be pampered! Who doesn't love a good cup of joe and for goodness sake, nothing screams delicious like BIGGBY COFFEE.

JD said...

I love the purple cow statement--awesome!