Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Posse in Owosso

Tori and the crew were absolutely awesome...everybody knows them, they know everybody...It couldn't have been better.

I met so many people, like Chuck (were already friends on Facebook), and I had a chance to interview Emma (see the video below this one). I had some folks come from the Bloomfield area and I had a fellow 'tweeter' come to do an interview of me for his blog.

Met a dj, and a pastor, and a car dealership owner, and the pet supplies plus gals, and the subway folks, moms, and families, just never stopped! I loved every minute of it! Yowzaa...!


Nvstalot said...

The Owosso Crew is great. They know your name, they have fun with what they do, they are great. I'm so glad that Biggby is here. Thanks Bob. It was good to meet you today. Thanks for the grande triple carmel marvel and the danish. I'll try the carmel mellow tomorrow.

JD said...

Seems like a fun crew, also nice to hear their thoughts on Drive Thru. Thanks for sharing!

Lady Di said...

Barista Llady Di here...
from above the 45th...

Wow, that looks like fun
Bob, You add fun to every day,
Regarding dogs at the drive- up, we have our "cookies" too,
Let me tell you, there isn't a dog in the world that doesn't know about drive-up window.
The dog arrives at the window, (so far never at the wheel)...
with a smile on their face! It is so much fun when the dogs come thru drive-up, we even know the name of most of our dog regulars.
They are usually sittin in the back seat, behind the driver and that back window goes down and they Patiently await (not all of them) their cookie.
Love the BIGGBY dogs..
Nick and Chanin's BIGGBY dog is Searay and he is handsome!!! My BIGGBY dog is Buster and he is active!!!
Now Bob, we need a BIGGBY dog T--shirt to sell in the store!!! Hop on it, chop chop!!!
Much BIGGBY love everyday
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th...

Anonymous said...

The Owosso team rocks! How fun! I am bringing my dog, Doc - tomorrow! :-)