Sunday, November 16, 2008

If there was only one...that would be enough :)

I have the opportunity to speak at various Universities and such about 20 times a year.

I almost always accept an invitation (although, I might have to slow down a little) because I was an uninspired student that just wanted to go out into the real world and get'er done :)

My hope in any speaking engagement is to touch those that have dreams but still have questions...I want to give permission to 'take risk' and follow that which calls to them.

If there was only one person, that got it, that would be enough...below is a communications from a professor, just this morning...

Dear Bob,

E mail is a wonderful thing...I can write you and not worry about waking you up. I am writing you at this ungodly hour because I am reading a set of papers from my students and just have to tell you what a great and positive influence you have had on my students. So many of your ideas from your talk are reflected in their papers and the realization that these ideas can be applied to all kinds of retail operations. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN COFFEE AND IN RETAIL EDUCATION.

Until Next Time!
Steve Flaster

and this from a student...just this Thursday...

I really enjoyed the presentation! I've aways wanted to start my own business, so having your story really gives me hope that I will one day achieve my own personal success.


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JD said...

That's cool--I know I enjoyed doing a presentation at the MRA was fun to be in front of a group talking, more or less, about why our approach to training for customer service gives us an edge on our competition. If you ever need someone to step in on the college lecture circuit, you know who to call...