Monday, November 10, 2008

Kayla and Lori...B-Happy

Kayla and Lori
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Anonymous said...

The Howell store is awesome!


Anonymous said...

I just heard that you are getting rid of your current muffin supplier and going to a new one. I buy at least one cinnamon muffin per week with my coffee and have even HIGHLY recommended Biggby to all my friends for their great tasting coffee and cinnamon muffins. They are very moist and delicious. I do not mind paying almost $2.00 for this muffin because of the size and taste. I guarantee people will not be buying the new smaller muffins. The cinnamon muffin is the most popular! Please reconsider. I do not want to change coffee shops and go elsewhere with my friends.

BIGGBY BOB said...

Thank you for your comment...we would love to stick with the old supplier, but there were some continuity of service/product and saftey issues with them and their product. The cinnamon muffin was great and that's one of the reasons why we chose them...but alas the risks were too high to stay with them. Thanks again!

Hopefully you will find a new muffin that you will like at BIGGBY :)

Anonymous said...

The new cranberry orange muffin is INCREDIBLE!!!! Try that one! TCB

Anonymous said...

Safety issues? Yikes! Cute picture, BTW.